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Dear reader,

I have a favor to ask. I’ve been tinkering with my website since 2008 and I think it may be time for a little refresher. I say this with complete honesty: I’d love your input.

Those of you reading right now are special. You don’t just come to IHGB for Bachelor franchise recaps. I like to think you come here because you enjoy reading beyond my tantalizing descriptions of what I imagine Our Host Chris Harrison smells like at rose ceremonies. I imagine you come here to read about my crazy East Texas upbringing, my eclectic Mama, favorite TV shows, movies, music and random musings.

I am so lucky to have you as a reader. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With that said, I’d love to hear from you. Please tell me things you want to see on the website. Or what you are tired of seeing on the website. You can include actual posts, or let me know your “wish list” of mechanical pieces of IHGB. Do you wish there was a search option? Do you wish I didn’t talk so much about my love of Friends? Is my comment section totally annoying? Do my banners need to be refreshed? Do you read on your phone and is it easy or hard to maneuver? Would you like to see guest posts? Would you like to see more posts? (I know I would…) Would you like to see certain days representing certain post categories?

Feel free to let me know in the comment section. Or you can email me directly. I only ask one thing: if you have a con, please leave a pro as well!

I value your input and promise to read each and every comment and email. Thanks for taking the time to write back. I’ve told so many people this and I stand by my words…my readers are the best.

Your humble blogger,


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More posts! One can never read too many Lincee posts, whatever the subject. (Although anything Outlander-related would just be a bonus.)
Truly, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (at least too much). This is my absolute favorite place on the web and has been for many, many years.


It would be great if you would blog about Dancing With The Stars. It would be hilarious just like all your other postings.


I agree with DebraG! Dancing With The Stars blog!! Love all your posts by the way!


Lincee, I love this blog! I always know I will find something positive – sometimes encouraging, sometimes funny – but always written in a positive way. I appreciate the way you honestly share so many aspects of your life. It’s fun feeling like we’d be friends if we met.

I just have one request. It would be great if there were some way to reply to a specific comment. I’m not necessarily suggesting a Facebookesque “like” button, but rather a way to keep a thread of same-themed comments going.

Also, I always love Dr Pepper and shirtless men posts 🙂

Other than that, GREAT website!!


I love your blog! Obviously, I love the Bachelor re-caps, but I think most other things are interesting to me because we are about the same age and I can relate to everything from boy-bands to 80’s bangs. I also really get your humor.

Personally, I don’t pay attention to the recaps of the other shows, but I don’t mind that you post about them. I just don’t watch the other shows, so it’s not as interesting to me, but I understand.

I like all of the other posts. In most posts you are yourself and I think that shines through and makes your blog fun to read.

I agree that being able to respond to specific comments might be nice, especially during Bachelor season. However, I always like how your readers are kind, and you don’t see the bashing that is typically found in comments sections.

I’ve never had a need to search, so I’m not sure that I would use it, but I see how it might be helpful if someone was looking for a specific Bachelor topic?

Maybe homier colors? But honestly, I don’t have complaints.


my favourite posts from you are always the following:
Anything that falls under the “you can’t make this stuff up” type category of funny things that happen in your life (crouton hand cream, donkey tongue etc).
I actually started reading because my friend sent me your crouton hand cream post and then when the bachelor recaps started popping up every week because the season started I started watching the bachelor as I figured the posts were even funnier if you had seen the show (which turned out to be true!). Sorry for that ridiculous run-on sentence.

I love your mix tape type posts. You totally understand my youth! So anything of that nostalgia I love.

I do read on my phone more than anything and I have to zoom in to be able to read it easily. I don’t know enough about blog set up to say what’s possible but to have a “mobile reader” version would be awesome. It’s not terrible as is. I don’t have to scroll side to side to read but I think it’s possible to be even better!

I rarely read comments as I hate when spoilers sneak in. Short of moderating every one I don’t know that it can be fixed. But when I have read I love what your readers have to say. Every once in a while you’ve highlighted great comments. I’ve always loved those because I probably missed it.

If you had certain days for certain posts I would remember to read more. Though linking to facebook also gets me to click over as then I don’t have to remember (except when facebook acts up and forgets to tell me!).


I truly love this website, I have never found myself saying, “I wish Linsee would do this or that,” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! I would always love more posts. One question though, did I see somewhere where you were going to blog about new girl? or have I missed it somehow?


I seriously watch my clock on Tuesday’s for your Bachelorette/Bachelor recaps (usually up at 1pm Chicago time). I swear we would be bff’s if we knew each other in “real” life. You nail the recaps with what so many of us are thinking. Love them for years!!

I don’t watch the other shows you blog about and will only occassionally check out the site during non rose ceremony time. I do see your Facebook posts which is how I found out about this post. That is definately a plus.

Please keep up the fantastic job!!


Longtime lurker, rare commenter here – but I totally heart you and your blog.

Definitely more posts! A day in the life of Lincee, more Hall of Fame, random musings, playlists, everything! I check it every morning as part of my routine.

You always find the bright side of everything, always positive and keep everyone laughing.

As for the look – I like the refresh you did last time so the header changes according to the latest post. I think a more colorful background would be great, but I’m sure whatever you do will be great…we come here for you, not for the look! 🙂


Make it fully responsive!


I agree with the Dancing with the Stars people! I do read on my phone. But it’s pretty easy to manuver. I just make it bigger to see :). I would refresh the banners or layout etc if you want. I am interested to see what others say. I don’t read every show recap but what I do read is funny! Love ya girl!

sarah harper

I started reading years ago because of the ‘Bachelor’ recaps, but I enjoy your personal posts even more! Heck, I don’t even watch ‘The Bachelor’ anymore… but I absolutely still read your blog.

I most enjoy your posts about the concerts you go to, anything regarding Friday Night Lights/life in Texas, 80’s-90’s humor, and when you share your faith. And I am LOVING Slink’s Links (and the hilarious story behind that nickname) — you have introduced me to some good stuff, Lincee.

A search option would be great. I subscribe to your blog through Feedly, so the layout is not an issue for me as far as reading. I think if you want to redesign the look, do what makes you happy!


Lincee…..I have been reading you since I was forwarded the emails! We are friends! You don’t know ME, really, but that’s the only thing missing in our friendship. Technicality.

Anyway, I love your blog, and the other thing I love on the internet is Pinterest. I wonder if you ever get addicted to browsing Pinterest? So many bloggers are like “hey look at me and the perfect meal I whipped up for 29 people blah, blah, blah.” I would love to see YOU attempt a recipe and/or some crafts you have found and show us the results! I imagine either finding something I can actually use, or hilarity ensuing as you fail. We will be laughing WITH, not AT….


I’d like to see more posts for no reason, does that make sense? I imagine your random thoughts are equally as funny as recaps!