Weekend confession + dance obsession = Top 5 List

For years, I thought dance was going to be my profession when I grew up. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Mickey Mouse Club or Broadway–it didn’t matter–as long as I was dancing.

Clearly, I’m not involved with any of those organizations and two ACL surgeries sort of put the kibosh on any serious dancing career paths. Therefore…I have to live vicariously through others.

Like the kids on So You Think You Can Dance or actors in movies like Step Up.


My confession to you is that I have seen High School Musical and the sequel several times. I have favorite songs. I have favorite characters. And yes I get embarrassed when Zac Efron sings on the golf course, but who doesn’t? That’s why the fast forward button was invented.

So you can imagine my elation when my friend Caroline agreed to go see High School Musical 3: Senior Year with me and every other junior high girl in the Houston metroplex. Of course, I loved it. And here’s why:


5. It’s up to us grown-ups to explain to the children of America that high school is NOT as shiny and happy as East Side. And you can’t spontaneously throw confetti at a basketball game. It’s distracting to the players.

4. The little boy three seats down who makes faces when Troy and Gabriella kiss. CLASSIC!

3. The scene where Troy and Chad dance in the junk yard. I’m a sucker for boys dancing though. Ten bucks that song is in some fraternity’s SING act at Baylor next year.

2. The choreography of Kenny Ortega.
This is the man who brought you Dirty Dancing and Newsies! And he’s currently remaking one of my favorites…FOOTLOOSE! Not sure how I really feel about that. Can anyone else play Ren McCormack besides the Bacon? And has it been long enough to warrant a remake? (One quick check from IMDB.com and the answer is: 1984. I’m old.)

1. Hearing the little girls scream and gasp when Zac Efron flashed on the screen for the first time. It was priceless! And the nervous giggling when he took his shirt off in the locker room so he could change into his Wildcat jersey was adorable. Wait. That was me giggling.

Oh to be young-at-heart trapped in a grown-up world…

So who’s with me? High School Musical isn’t that bad, right? Someone? Anyone?


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