Well this is a relief…

According to People Magazine (thanks for the link Leslie!) Jason and Molly are ENGAGED! 


(Side note:  my grandmother – Doodle – always told me that I should never EVER take a picture with a boy/engagement photo that features my arms wrapped around his neck like a noose.  She said it subliminally tells people that the girl has control issues and that the guy isn’t manly.  OUCH!)

Finally.  A BACHELOR WEDDING!  Who is pumped?  Who is ready to see these two kids tie the knot?  Who is…

Yeah.  I don’t really care either.

What I would like to see is Melissa as a special correspondant for Good Morning America doing color commentary at their wedding with Our Host Chris Harrison.  She could dance with Tony Dovolani at the reception and really show Jason what he missed out on.


Let’s hear it people.  Is this news?  Is it perfect timing for ABC to churn out a wedding after Wind Beneath My Wings Jake takes flight in January?  It’s your floor.  Have at it in the comment section.


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