Well what do we have here?

Savvy IHGB reader Aneesa just sent me a link to People magazine with this interesting photo:


That my friends is DDAHnna Pappas practicing her golf swing with none other than Michael the break dancer from Jillian’s season. 


BUT WAIT!  When you read the photo caption, it is revealed that the shirtless male is none other than Pop-N-Lock Mike’s TWIN BROTHER STEPHEN. 

I SO did not see that coming.  And I love it.

Although seeing DDAHnna makes my throat a little thick as I remember the last time I saw her begging for Ty’s Daddy to give her another shot, I can quickly change gears in my brain and focus on the time Michael and Stephen pulled the ole’ twin switcheroo on Jillian.  I loved Michael.  And I love that DDAHnna doesn’t care that she will be labeled a cougar for dating the 12-year-old brother of the Bachelor we all grew to love and cherish in an “aw shucks” sort of way last season when Jillian broke his little heart.

Of course, Jillian makes me think of Reid.  And those are always nice moments.  I bet he is somewhere right now applying Germ Squirt to his hands aggressively.  You never can be too careful.  Protect that immune system Reid.  I want you healthy when we meet and you fall in love with me at first sight.

Then I remember that Jake is the next Bachelor and that thick-throat feeling comes back. 

But it will be good.  I have faith that Our Host Chris Harrison and the ABC intern will not let us down.  Counting down to January!


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