What a Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you look up from whatever fun thing you were doing and it’s already Friday? That’s me this morning. Where did the time go?

It all started with a breathtaking party on Monday. Believe me when I say I have a solid community surrounding me in Houston. Friends asked me to step aside so they could create a wonderful room of encouragement for my book launch. It was enchanting. I was loved, hugged, and celebrated that Why I Hate Green Beans is now on (most) shelves! Thank you to everyone (including readers!) who came out to see me!

Since the party was on Monday night, I didn’t have enough brain power to sign books, mingle, and watch The Bachelor at the same time. Therefore, at midnight when my mother was asking me to revisit every single detail of the celebration with her, I made the executive decision to NOT write a recap. Tuesday was spent visiting with friends who drove all the way in from East Texas. Tuesday is typically podcasting day with Some Guy in Austin, but since he was at the party, I knew he had not yet watched the two-hour long episode PLUS the two-hour long debacle that ABC is calling Bachelor: Winter Games. So we decided to podcast on Wednesday and let go of all anxiety that it would post late.

On Wednesday, we podcasted, I edited, and dropped the episode. I immediately went to social media to let everyone know that there would not be a recap, but there WAS a podcast. This bit of news sent some into a tailspin, which I find endearing. Hear me now when I say that the written recap is my first love and it will never, ever, ever go away. Also hear me when I say that I LOVE PODCASTING. The two may supplement each other at times, but they will always have the ability to stand on their own.


The Florida shooting has also stuck with me. I come from a family of teachers and I am saddened to think that lock-down drills are even a thing we have to deal with in today’s society. I pray for the educators, students, and families in that community. And I also pray that I don’t become desensitized.

I was a walking zombie on Thursday. One may think that after the hype of a book launch, a party, and coming down from all that adrenaline would help me to sleep like a baby! One would be wrong. Sleep has eluded me all week. That picture up there of that girl who looks fresh as a daisy (thank you Shanna) is a mirage of what sits in front of this computer screen. And that’s okay. That’s what bathing in lavender oil is for, right? I’ll be fine.

I have to be fine, because I have five events coming up that I want to tell you about! I’ll be speaking a couple of places and signing books a couple of places. Click on the links to learn more.

Polished Houston Luncheon
February 21

Blue Willow Bookshop
Book Signing
February 24

Free the Captives Luncheon
March 20

WorkFaith Connection Chick Luncheon
March 21

Royers Pie Haven — Round Top, TX
Book Signing
March 24

With all the hype of my own life, I decided to see what I missed on the Olympics and I’m delighted to share with you my favorite three moments from the past week:

Mirai Nagasu lands a triple axel – the first woman to do this in the Olympics!

The German pair team win the gold medal with an amazing, record-breaking performance

Red Gerard is a snow boarder who is 17 years old. I like that he keeps his goggles on, has no idea what a big deal it is to win a gold medal, and that he drops and f-bomb on national television.

Cheers to the weekend!


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Red Gerard is from my hometown. I cried when he won his gold. Y’all do not even know what a small town it is!

And girl–you HAVE to watch curling, just for the Norwegian pants! They even have their own Facebook page!


Love the pic of u holding your book. You look fantastic and I love your dress….with sleeves!!!! I just finished your book. Loved it. Reviewed it on amazon with five stars. When are you coming to California?


Yeah! What Kara said! California! Northern California!


Wonderful post! You look lovely in your book-launch photo. Congrats on everything you have going for you!


So glad to hear your recaps are still part of your job description, Lincee! Will let you ‘off’ this week.


Have to admit, I was one sent into a tailspin without the recap! But excited for your book. Just please don’t ever do that to us again…it’s the only thing that gets me through Tuesday. Kidding (not kidding).


Congrats on your book launch party! I started reading your book this week and I’m loving it. Looking forward to the upcoming Bachelor this week. I suffered through the Bachelor Winter games, but by the second episode I’m so curious to see where this journey will go for Ashley I-lashes.

King Amy
King Amy

How did I miss that German couple!?!?!? soo soo sooo soo good

Now that I think of it , I don’t think I’ve seen any couples skate – I’ve seen some news clips of the Shib Sibs but no competitions…

Glad you had a wonderful week!

CO Kathleen
CO Kathleen

Congratulations Lincee! What a ride you are on! I have your book and will read it this week – can’t wait to get to it.