What to look for during “Women Tell All”

As most of you know, I was invited to LA last weekend for the taping of “Women Tell All.” It was glorious. I was threatened with my life and first born to NOT leak any details until the big day. But today is the day that I get to spill the beans! Rejoice!

So it is without further adieu that I give you a super awesome cheat sheet of fabulous things to look forward to tonight.

  • Even though Our Host Chris Harrison was severely under the weather, he was able to maintain a certain quick wit that we all know and love.  Through glassy eyes and strained voice, my hope is that the line “It’s like interviewing a bunch of sailors” does not land on the cutting room floor.
  • Miss Pacific Palisades vies for most annoying former contestant ever.  Don’t ask me her name, because I don’t remember, but she has an opinion about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
  • Harrison encourages all the women to openly and honestly bash Courtney.  Then he brings her out for a public melt down.  It was glorious.
  • Sparkled dresses and nude shoes were strongly encouraged.
  • Oh look!  A tampon!
  • Harrison calls Shawntel “the embalmer.”
  • One of the girls lost respect for Groban after watching the show.
  • Best quote of the night was by Jugs McGee to Courtney:  “You called me a stripper on national TV.  Who was the one who got naked and went skinny dipping?”  The word you’re looking for is touché.
  • Jaime the lap dancer has the opportunity to explain herself.  Somehow, the explanation makes everything worse.  PAINFUL.
  • This just in…Groban wears grey.
  • Groban’s butt also makes another appearance.
  • There’s a b-roll package entitled, “Where Are They Now?”  I’ve got two words for you:  HELLO REID!

I’ll be recapping the show tomorrow and then posting a special “What You Didn’t See” that includes behind the scenes scoop and my personal interviews with Groban, Emily, Nicki and Kacie B. this week too.  It’s Bachelorpalooza y’all!  Enjoy!


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