What you should know about this picture

Sooooooo the internet is pretty spotty in Rwanda. Someone call Mama and Daddy and tell them I’m okay! Between that and a day full of visiting schools, serving lunch and trying to squish little kids in my pockets so I can take them home, I am also dealing with sickness and insomnia. Jet lag is not my friend. Neither is my anti-malaria medication apparently.

But you press on in Rwanda! Arise and rise! And when your game is on you get awesome pictures like this to post on your website:


1. My sponsor kid JD (left) is wondering what he’s supposed to do with the oddly shaped soccer ball I gave him.

2. His kid sister is obviously wondering the same thing.

3. And clearly I’m not understanding a thing my translator is saying and it shows ALL OVER MY FACE.

PS: When I was little, I ran into a full-length mirror on the back of a door and had a gash above my eye. When I furrow by brow, the scar is REALLY noticeable.

PSS: Why didn’t I see myself coming when I ran into the mirror?

4. I have been sick the entire time I’ve been here and have laryngitis. If JD knew what 1-900 numbers were, I’m sure he would encourage me to make a little extra change with a side business.

5.  Do you see the blue sticker on my arm? It’s from Academy. As in Sports & Outdoors. I brought JD a kid-sized fold-up chair for his house since they don’t have any furniture. The sticker was on the chair and somehow ended up on my arm the entire visit. When I peeled it off hours later, it ripped all the hair off my arm. Is that too much information? I’m running on only hours of sleep.

6.  We walked in a torrential downpour down a side of a mountain (read: large hill) to get to his house. The team of women who were with me are ROCK STARS. I was wearing a pancho to protect his gifts and quite frankly, to protect my hair so it wouldn’t do a weird “woo-hoo” thing. I was having enough anxiety that he wouldn’t remember me at all!

But then this happened and all was right with the world.


That smile gets me every time.

I was thinking about writing a post about him, but there are no words that would convey the emotions I feel when I’m with him for such a short amount of time. It’s deep. It’s personal. And it’s a gift from God.

With that said (and if WiFi is willing) I will definitely post more later this week about my adventures in Rwanda! Murabeho!



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