Lessons Learned from ‘While You Were Sleeping’

A few times each year, I like to look back on a beloved movie and share lessons I have learned while watching said movie over and over and over again. Since it’s December, I traditionally toss a little love to favorite Christmas movies, like The Holiday or Love Actually.

This year, I’m turning the time table waaaayyyy back to 1995. It was the year Sandra Bullock solidified herself as a leading lady in a romance. She crawled right up there with Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan. And we all benefitted from her decision to do a little movie called While You Were Sleeping.

Lessons Learned from While You Were Sleeping

  • When a man is willing to give you the world, even in the form of Florence in a snow globe, explore that business.
  • Buy a good pair of tweezers and use them.
  • Give the Joe Jr. in your life a small break this holiday season. Perhaps you can go to the Ice Capades or let him try on your shoes.
  • Don’t jump onto the train tracks to save someone, unless that person looks like Peter Callahan.
  • Pretending to be someone’s finacé is totally fine if that person is in a coma and can’t confirm your lie.
  • Don’t name your child after breakfast food.
  • Hospitals are full of three things: Jell-O, germs, and secrets.
  • Never play basketball with a pencil in your back pocket.
  • Beware of the ruggedly handsome brother.
  • White carpet is begging to have something spilled on it.
  • If Jack Callahan and Noah Calhoun taught us anything, it’s to date someone who can build furniture.
  • Carry your passport at all times.
  • Slipping on ice can be romantic.
  • Leaning is a lot different from hugging.
  • Never put a wedding invite on Post-It note.
  • Don’t knock the squirrels out of their nest with a rock so you can “save” them.
  • Pay attention to the lonely people.
  • When weighing your marital options, choose the better brother.
  • Train token booths don’t feel like the perfect place to propose, but it works.

While You Were Sleeping Quotes I Still Recite

  • Kitty! Kitty! Rich Kitty! Come here!
  • These mashed potatoes are so creamy. Mary mashed ’em.
  • If you can fit in my pants, I’ll kill myself.
  • He looks like he’s…leaning.

What did I miss? Do you have any life lessons you picked up from While You Were Sleeping? And if you’re interested in other Lessons Learned, feel free to click HERE!

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2 years ago

Oh, those eyebrows! Peter Callahan may be handsome, but I could never get past those eyebrows. Other than that, it’s one of my all time favorite movies. And those are wonderful lessons learned. I’d only add that everyone needs a Saul in their life, someone who knows your secrets and loves you anyway.

Carol Ann
Carol Ann
2 years ago

That trailer takes me back. “Sondra” Bullock. But why does Jack look like Eric Forman in that picture?! Lesson learned: When you can’t find your car – hit the button!

2 years ago

One of my holiday favorites! Lesson learned: if a man’s family is really nice, he’s probably a keeper. Also learned: don’t let a man pay for your plastic surgery or he might ask for your nose back in a nasty breakup.

2 years ago

Look at the bright side, he has more room in his shorts!

Love this movie so much, thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

2 years ago

Love this movie as well!! I just watched it a few days ago, I was surprised by how “old” it looked. It didn’t age well over the years. Sandy stole my heart in Speed, and this film solidified that she could play the leading lady. Love.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson
2 years ago

This was my freshman/sophomore year of college. We called it “While you were almost dead and in a coma, I was there”.

Amy A
Amy A
2 years ago

“Joe Jr….is stil single.” “Yeah…um, shocker!” One of my all-time favorite movies!

2 years ago

I love the Grandma: “I don’t drink anymore….I don’t drink any less either!” and I really love the fact that she is the Mom in the OG Mary Poppins.

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