White Dog


This is White Dog.  Four years ago, she was dumped on our property.  She was exhausted from a long journey.  We could tell that she had been cared for, because she was  beautifully clipped.  She followed Daddy back and forth on the lawn mower for several hours.  Finally, we let her in the house.

WD couldn’t hear.  The vet estimated she was more than 10 years old.  She loved my Mom.  When no one was looking, Daddy would sneak a scratch or two behind her ears.  She was a good friend at a time when I was going through a rough patch in my life. 

Because Mom and Daddy took her in, she was able to ride in a golf cart.  Take a dip in either a pond or a swimming pool.  Have her ears licked by a crusty old Blue Heeler.  Drink out of the toilet.  Find sanctuary in Mom’s pimped out closet.  Eat weenies every day with her aspirin. 

She was a sweet girl who will be missed.  Rest in peace Dub.  You were a good dog.


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