I love that so many of you sent me a message or a link  containing the photo below from People Magazine’s website:

It combines both my love of the 80s and my love of a good set of abs.

With that said, I find it absolutely charming that People Magazine reported that Joey Lawrence had really “blossomed” in this random photo that was taken during his afternoon workout at a park in LA.  Random indeed.

Although I remember Joey being follically challenged during his steamy stint on Dancing with the Stars, it’s nice to see that his newly grown locks were perfectly obedient during his run.  And it was super nice of him to pause around dusk to take a sip of his electrolyte infused water while smoldering at the vast sunset just long enough for the paparazzi to take a few snaps before he went to the monkey bars to do this:

Kudos to his publicist for Tweeting Joey’s whereabouts so we could enjoy this not-at-all-planned act of physical fitness.  Next time, I’d re-think the socks and invite Six along for some see saw action.


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