Why yes, that does appear to be Groban’s bare butt.

Hello Bachelor friends!

Thanks so much for all the alerts, texts, Facebooks, tweets and calls that ABC posted the faces and features of the women vying for Groban’s love and affection. Traditionally, I would pour over the ladies’ stat sheets and reveal my top four contestants based on look and answers alone, but today’s schedule does not permit me to truly give the time and dedication this process deserves. Perhaps tomorrow? Or Saturday? I’m sure I can squish it in between the seven-year-old performance of The Nutrcacker I’m attending and my friend Kyle’s wedding.

Never fear. I leave you with an interesting Bachelor Groban promo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly that throws all caution and grey-colored Levis to the wind (2:44!) Thanks to IHGB reader Jennifer for emailing me THIS LINK!

Clearly, ABC has resorted to certain “Girls Gone Wild with a Bachelor” methods and we need to discuss what’s happening.  I KNOW some of you have important opinions to share with the group regarding the clip. Please feel free to sound off in the comment section and I’ll salute my favorite line in my next post this weekend!


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