Will Andi find true love on ‘The Bachelorette’ tonight?

Take a look at this season’s Bachelorette promo:

It’s unclear if Andi will find true love on her journey, but there are a few things we can glean from these 30 seconds.

1. I’m so over “eet’s okay” and as I mentioned in my previous post about Andi’s suitors, I predict that someone is going to drop that phrase during the icebreaker section.

2. Ten bucks that the dude carrying the soccer ball doesn’t really play soccer.

3. This seems to be a very tan, very white toothed group of young men.

4. Gingham is the new black.

5. Golf carts are the new limos.

6. Stealing a lamp from your room in order to tell the girl that she lights up your life is three parts funny, sad and endearing, but only if you’ve had a few drinks. Which I anticipate was the case with that last guy and everyone else in his limo. Otherwise, it’s friendly fodder for writers like me.

7. You know Our Host Chris Harrison TOTALLY wrote this promo:

8. Plus, popping a cork and spraying champagne all over an already moist driveway probably makes it sticky. Harrison will just have to spray it again.

Harrison driveway



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