Wine and blue…arrows so true

That’s what Pi Phi will mean to you!

Ironically, we didn’t have wine to celebrate the inaugural meeting of our new found club. We had margaritas. And they were good. I actually had a daiquiri because I prefer rum to tequila. Sadly, I thought the sweet waiter at Cafe Adobe had given me a virgin drink because it tasted like strawberry snow cone solution. But with a few swirls of my straw, I leaned over to Jill and whispered, “I found my rum!”

And then my arms got heavy. But I digress.

For the past few years, we have all talked about getting together to reminisce about our Pi Phi days at Baylor. Each of us probably knew at least one other Pi Phi in the greater Houston area. Let’s celebrate being sisters!

Okay…maybe that’s going a bit far. If we were wine and blue through and through, we would all be members of an alumnae club. Alas, we are not. BAD PI PHI’S!

So we started small. It was a simple email that read, “Call girls in Houston who were in or near your pledge class.” Within minutes, we had plans for 10 of us to eat dinner. FUN TIMES!

Sadly, last night rolled around and half of the girls couldn’t come. Caroline had to make a last minute trip to Austin. Probably to find a Firedance dress. Bracken had a sick husband and baby. Or else she had a hickey on her neck that she didn’t want us to see. We learned that Kimberly is still banned from all Pi Phi functions. Something about the infamous “pledge class dance.” We’ll just leave it at that, although the decade is almost up. FINGERS CROSSED KIMBO! And two of our girls were MIA. Christi and Jessica, we believe, ditched us to go to a Sigma Chi party.

And then there were five. And we had a glorious time.

Sarah and I talked about the oil and gas industry. Once we realized we were boring the others to tears, we switched to talking about the good old days at Baylor. Sarah remembered everyone’s name, major, birthday and shoe size. You can’t help but smile when you talk to her. She has an infectious energy.

Anne, who could be a model for Ralph Lauren, caught us up on her life in the hospitality industry. We all admitted that we felt nervous around her for years because she was in charge of standards. You know…that place where you go when you get caught drinking! (My prude self didn’t even know that this committee existed!) When Anne spoke, we listened. What a great leader!

Rebecca hasn’t changed a bit. Except for the fact that she has birthed three kids. And looks amazing. Could her legs be any longer? She talked about working at NASA and said one sentence that I didn’t understand, but I shook my head as if I was right on board. We retold the story of the Monmouth football game against the Kappas and how Becca’s teeth got knocked out. GOOD TIMES!

Then there was Jill. She and I decided to wear our Pi Phi jerseys to be funny. I looked lame. She looked AWESOME! She’s 50 months prego and came to Cafe Adobe with her Pi Phi jersey on. Belted. Below the baby bump. With her arrow pin. And drop. She gets the award for Best JV Alumnae of the night. Sweet Sarah asked us about the time we performed Dancing Queen in front of the sorority. I told her we had just performed it again…impromptu of course…at the church women’s retreat. She didn’t seem surprised. Had she asked, Jill and I would have busted out ABBA right then and there.

All joking aside, my friends I met at Baylor are some I will cherish always. And Pi Phi was a big part of that experience. These girls helped make me who I am today. And I will always love them.

Lincee Ray
Texas Zeta


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