Yeah. I’m a Belieber.

It was shocking really…how quickly it took hold of my system.  But after seeing his rockumentary a few weeks ago, I can say without a shadow of a doubt:

Hello.  My name is Lincee.  And I have Bieber Fever.

Is the fact that this 17-year-old kid’s life story is the third highest grossing documentary in America disturbing?


Am I saddened that “Never Say Never” bested the late, great Michael Jackson’s “This is It” as the most successful concert film of all time?

Of course.

Will I go see it again in 3-D?

You better Beliebe it.

Who’s with me? Who has seen the movie that has broken box office records and pre-pubescent 12-year-old hearts all across this great nation of ours? It’s time to convince those in your inner circle that they too can succumb to the fever. You can make up a name in the comment section if you are ashamed, but I would encourage you to stand up! Own it! BELIEBE IN THE POWER OF THE BIEBER!


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