You asked…

And now I will answer.

Let me start off by saying you guys rock. I am going to do my best to answer all your questions (either now or later) and give you the 411 on a very “entertaining” subject…me!

I’m working on the “About Me” section. Based on your questions, it’s going to include a brief history, how I started writing the recap and how I met up with Our Host Chris Harrison.

Some of your questions were worthy of entire posts, so I’m saving those for a rainy day. Great job guys! But others were short, sweet and to the point. The answers are below. Enjoy and try to stay awake.

Red: Would you ever consider a meet and greet?
Lincee: Indubitably.

Tammy: Who do you want DD to pick?
Lincee: Great question. My knee jerk reaction is, “Who cares?” But I know that’s not what you want to hear. I have to say I am not emotionally attached to anyone at this point. I see tons of chemistry with Graham and a soft heart for Jesse. I think after tonight and seeing her reaction with their families (which is a huge thing to her) I’ll have a better assessment.

Spring: Have you ever thought of writing a book?
Kelly: When are you going to quit your day job and become a writer?
Lincee: Not until the 100th person suggested a write a book, did I ever think about writing a book. Now it’s all I think about. I’ve done my research and the first thing the publisher/book person asks is, “What would your book be about?” Exactly. I’m a Seinfeld blogger…my posts are about nothing. But if Jerry can make a show about nothing, surely I can write a book about nothing.

DJ, Erin Pie, Jennee, MA Mom from Cali, Legallyblondemel: Have you ever thought about applying for the Bachelorette?
Lincee: Heavens no.

Michelle: How long does it take you to write your recaps?
Lincee: About 45 minutes to an hour.

Stacy: Have you recapped every season?
Lincee: I started with Firestone.

Be a Pepper, Drink a Dr Pepper: What is the best season of the Bachelor:
Lincee: I loved Firestone and Bob and Lieutenant Andy

Breanne: Why did you recap The Hills season finale?
Lincee: Because watching that show made me die a little on the inside. But thanks for the support.

Bobbie, Heather, Marcella: Are you going to post old seasons of the Bachelor in an archive?
Lincee: Currently working on that as we speak.

Married with Eyes: If you could date any Bachelor, who would it be? What other shows do you watch? Has any whack job every tried to track you down?
Lincee: Matthew Hickl…the dude Meredith didn’t pick because, clearly, she’s was on crack. I like The Office, So You Think You Can Dance, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock and I’m pretty sure the new 90210 when it comes on this fall. No whack job has ever tracked me down. I did speak at church on Sunday about the mission trip to Costa Rica I went on. About three people came up to me afterwards and asked if I was “that girl” who wrote the Bachelor recaps. But nothing whack jobish.

Marcella: Do you think Tina Fabulous was really that fabulous? Or was it all hype?
Lincee: I have to say Marc…I think Tina Fabulous was indeed fabulous.

Erin Pie: Is webMAN Jason a LOVE interest?
Lincee: Jason is one of the smartest, most reliable, just-do-it-and-don’t-complain-about-it people I know. I do love him for all he has done to help me. Is it romantic? He wishes. But seriously. We’re tight. He knows a lot about me and that can be dangerous when you have as much power as he does with this website. Not a love LOVE interest, but he is important to me. And by the way…I love how you people try to cyber-hook me up with both Jason and Chance. Adorable!

Jess: It seems like one point during a trip to NYC you were going to meet up with a male reader of this site on the Empire State Building. Did that happen or have I lost my mind?
Lincee: Yes…Straight Guy #1 and I were going to be in NYC at the same time. Being sarcastic, I wrote to everyone that we were going to meet on top of the ESB. It was a joke. Sarcasm is hard to read via the web. We have become fast Facebook friends though. I give him dating advice. He doesn’t take it. You know…typical never-met-before-but-pretend-we-know-each-other stuff.

Katie: Have you ever won a contest or any prize from a random drawing?
Lincee: Great question! Boring answer. No.

s2c: Have you ever tried cooking green beans with oregano?
Lincee: Disgusting.

BachFan: Will you please nominate webMAN to be the next Bachelor?
Lincee: Absolutely. But then you would have nothing to read when you are bored because Jason would shut this site down with one push of a button. And then he’d go after my job. And then he’d arrange to have my electricity and water cut off. And then when all hope was gone, he’d forgive me because he found true love in three weeks on a crazy reality show. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Tracy: I’d like to know if you’d be interested in meeting my brother-in-law? I don’t know fur sure but I don’t think he is particularly fond of green beans.
Lincee: Have his people contact my people and we’ll see how it goes.

The Original C$: Do you sing in the bathroom? Was Jazzercise a lifestlye choice or passing fad? Are there any other vegetables you find atrocious besides green beans? Do you like Pina Coloadas or getting caught in the rain?
Lincee: Fabulous questions. Of course. Jazzercise is my life. I pretty much stay away from anything green. I’m not much in to health food…I am in to champagne.

Sheree: Does everyone in your family read your blog? Does your employer know about your blog and do you edit yourself because of that?
Lincee: My Mum and sister Jamie read pretty much daily. Mum will print out and read to Mimi, my 93-year-old grandmother about my trips abroad. Or my random nothingness. She’s not one to care about The Bachelorette. My Dad doesn’t read, but is filled in during breakfast by my Mum’s constant chatter. My boss does know about the blog and although he doesn’t read it, his sweet wife does and her dear friend. Do I edit? No need really. As we were doing the HUET training, I kept saying, “Oh…this is going on the website. Gonna need you to sign that waiver boss!” He’s cool with it.

Leslie, Original C$, Long time fan: I love the word ________ [fill in the blank]
Lincee: Not quite sure how this got started, but I love to say broth, afghan and speaking in both New Jersey and French accents.

Maureen: What was your first concert? What would you like to hear God say when you reach the pearly gates?
Lincee: Neil McCoy. He performed at the Miss Hallsville pageant. So sad, I know.
God: Well done my good and faithful servant. NOW GET IN HERE AND LET’S PARTY! I’ve got your membership to Heavenly Blockbusters right here. I suggest you start with David and Goliath. Great action and adventure story. You’ve got some family and friends waiting for you at your new mansion. Just over the hilltop. Welcome home.

Some Guy: I’d love to see the Great Debate take another spin on the blog.
Lincee: Agreed. I think I’ll debate with Jamie. Should be fun.

Susie-KC: Will you please blog my life? Because then it would sound interesting.
Lincee: I’m on a plane right now. We’ll have you dancing on the ceiling in no time.

That’s about it for the small requests. The bigger ones will be on posts to come. Thanks for the interest! Again…you guys simply rock!


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