You have to start brainwashing them at a young age

I’d like to introduce the readers of iHateGreenBeans to an amazing little guy.  His name is Walker.  And even though he turned 11 months old this week, he already knows one of the fundamental truths that I hold so dear to my heart.

Take a look:

It doesn’t get more clear than that folks.  Green beans are evil. 

Walker is so smart to recognize this when his taste buds are so young.  He’s also a rock star when it comes to other things.  Like fighting cancer. 

About four months ago, I received a Facebook message from Walker’s parents.  Missy and Chad informed us that their precious little boy had been diagnosed with a malignant Rhabdoid Tumor. 

The strength that Missy, Chad and their immediate family all possess is humbling to read.  As I complain daily about about how my knee hurts when I bend it, they are faithful that God’s plan for Walker’s life is a perfect one and are prayerful that He will perform a miracle on his little body.

When this YouTube clip was included in Missy’s latest update, I emailed her and basically said she was not expressing true Pi Phi sisterhood qualities if she didn’t let me post it on my website. 

Her only request was that I include their family website so others could be encouraged by Walker’s amazing story. 

See what I mean?  They choose to be faithful.  They choose to fight.  That’s their family way. 

Please feel free to visit and read about story.  Prepare to be inspired. 

And let’s all send up a little prayer for Walker…my green bean hatin’ buddy!


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