Zambia After Dark

What better way to celebrate the midway mark of our trip than to compile a list of things we never thought we would say or do in Zambia? I hope you get to experience half of this list at least once in your life. Enjoy!

  • Would you like a bubble gum coffee shake?
  • I had to burn a diaper.
  • Did I just sit in urine? Yes, yes I did.
  • Let’s get into this car. Is he a stranger? Yes. It’s okay. (And that’s when Zambian Uber was born. We shall call it Zuber.)
  • Zuber Driver: “Can I get a picture with you to post on Facebook?”
    Me: “Make sure to get my good side.”
  • You want me to carry a box of apples on my head? Okay…

Arise Africa

  • I let my daughter ride in the back of a truck with people I just met. Parent of the week.
    (PS: Dani is 12-years-old and is more mature than most of us here.)
  • We can buy a chicken on the side of the road up here.
  • Don’t look. They are about to chop the chicken’s head off.
  • I just traded hand sanitizer for a crocodile bottle opener. I think I won.
  • How many can we fit into the mini bus? (Answer: 22)
  • Y’all get in the back of the truck and hold the tool chest so it doesn’t fall over.
  • Y’all make room in the back of the truck so we can give a ride to these random seven school kids. I’ll go slow so the tool chest doesn’t fall over on you. (Read: 40-miles-per-hour is not slow.)
  • We just blew through an entire bag of balloons making balloon animals.
  • The school is just over there. (Read: 30 minutes later we are still wandering the desert.)
  • That kid giving his testimony in church is like the Zambian version of Hamilton.
  • Where can I find elephant pants?
  • Is that smell sewage or a dead animal?
  • Pick up the bunny, Lara, and smile for the camera!

Arise Africa

  • Has anyone seen Chad’s wedding band?
  • Why hasn’t Jesus given you a husband?
  • This water is scalding hot.
  • Texas time or Zambian time?
  • How much is cow worth?
  • I’m having trouble squatting.
  • What vegetable am I chopping?
  • Always have an exit strategy.
  • Don’t let them take you into the small room by yourself.
  • Kurt Cobain is classic rock. (According to the Arise Africa interns. Millennials…)
  • Does the rooster have jet lag?
  • Who got kicked off The Bachelor last night?

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“We laughed, we sang, we couldn’t believe our good fortune.” Psalm 126:2


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