IHGB Podcast #125: Busted

John Paul Jones recites Shakespearean sonnets. This is why we watch the show. EPISODE NOTES Want to read the full recap for episodes 3 and 4? Click the numbers! SHOW NOTES: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes or Android Newsletter Subscription: HERE Follow Me: Facebook and Instagram and Twitter Buy My Books: It’s a Love Story and Why I Hate Green Beans

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Shake Your Bon-Bon

Why do we watch Bachelor in Paradise? What is it that draws us into the melodramatic lives of these future social media influencers? Do we want them to find love? Are we really interested in Bachelor Nation celebrating another union born from romps on the beach bed and incestuous relationships?  Of course not. We tune into Bachelor in Paradise to watch Derek sniff Demi’s armpits, John Paul Jones asleep hanging

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Not Mateo 4-Evr

It’s stormy on the beaches of Sayulita, Mexico, and that can only mean one thing: A rose ceremony is inevitable. Blake must choose who will carry his coveted bud and, when another man picks Hannah first, which lucky lady who looks good in a bathing suit will get his rose instead. There are twelve women and nine men. Someone who is really good at math tells us that three women

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IHGB Podcast #124: We Need a Timeline

In this podcast, Some Guy in Austin and I try and figure out just what is going on in Blake’s world. We discuss his interludes. We try to figure out the timeline. And in the end, we blame it all on Stagecoach. We also deep dive into the text message chain between Blake and Caelyn. It certainly does paint her in a different light. Have you seen those? It’s a

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