Early Morning

March came in like a thief in the night and stole all my sanity before I knew what was going on. What in the world? Where did the month go? I could have sworn I was celebrating my February book launch one day and the next time I checked my calendar, it was April.

My point? Life has been busy. It’s a good busy…a GREAT busy I would say. The only thing I would change is my sleep.

My brain does weird things when I write a book (did you know I was writing another book?) and one of the fun side effects is my brain’s need to stay up all night long and party. It likes to think about to-do lists, and roll around fun lyrics to songs, and jerk me out of a pseudo slumber because it thinks we are going to miss a very important early-morning phone call, even though I don’t have a very important early-morning phone call.

I did a quick calculation two days ago and figured that for the past several weeks, I’m running on an average of five hours of sleep per night. Now some of my young whipper-snapper friends who have not hit the ripe old age of forty yet are currently trying to puzzle out the problem as they read these words.

“What? Everyone doesn’t function on five hours of sleep?”

Why no, dear one, they don’t. Especially this girl. I need eight hours and anything less makes me do things the not-so-bright contestants on The Bachelor would do. All inhibitions go out the window and I have to enlist trusted friends to make sure I don’t act a fool in public settings.

But there are some circumstances where I would happily wake up at the crack of dawn. Spoiler: running a marathon is not one of them.

Easter Sunrise Service
Mama would pull us out of bed and we would curl our hair on Hot Stix while it was still dark outside. Then we would traipse around in the Noonday Graveyard, careful not to step on any relatives, and sing “Up From the Grave He Arose!”

Catch a Flight
I’ve been known to set my alarm for 3:30 am in order to catch a flight to Orlando so I don’t waste a moment of the day at Disney World. I get my money’s worth. Every penny.

Greater Houston Prayer Breakfast
This will be my eighth year attending the Prayer Breakfast. I like the fact that my city chooses to mark a day where we specifically pray for our civic and community leaders, as well as our state and national leaders. (If you want to know more about this event, click HERE.)

Meghan and Harry’s Wedding
It’s already on my calendar. This is happening, people. Get excited.

To See Someone Famous
If you told me that Chris Pine was signing autographs for his biggest fans in Dallas, Texas at 9:00 am, I would not hesitate to get in my car with a sack full of Chick-Fil-A minis and a large Dr Pepper to make the four-hour trek north.

I’d be listening to this playlist the entire time: