Listen To Your Heart Finale Recap: Give Me Love

Well, that didn’t go in the direction I thought it would. 

After six weeks (which felt like the entire summer), my Listen To Your Heart dreams of Matt and Rudi falling in love during the season finale were dashed in the first fifteen minutes of the two-hour spectacle. Bless all of our hearts.

Poor Matt was unable to continue his relationship with Rudi once the phrase “fantasy suite” exited Our Host Chris Harrison’s beautiful mouth. Is this weird? According to the world where this franchise resides, yes this is weird. Most people *cough Trevor cough* simply fake it to make it. But since Matt has never watched the show and was unfamiliar with the forgo card scenario, he decided to call it. 

After a few hundred passes up and down the hall in an attempt to stave off a panic attack, Matt returns to Rudi to deliver the bad news. He…just…can’t. Rudi takes to the bathroom so the camera doesn’t record her choking out countless sobs. Matt waits patiently, but eventually retrieves her from the latrine to provide a little closure.

He tries to hold back his emotions at the beginning, but he is helpless to the huge crocodile tears falling down his face. He tells Rudi that he will forever be bonded to her and what they have is special. It’s just not romantic and he can’t move forward knowing that he would be kind of sort of leading her on.

Seeing Matt cry softens Rudi’s exterior and she wiggles into his side so they can hug it out one last time. She believes Matt is torn. I believe Matt is torn. And all of us know this decision means one thing…Jamie is going to lose her mind when they say good-bye before the competition even begins. 

Jamie screams “no” repeatedly like a toddler in quarantine, refusing to accept her friend’s resignation. Meanwhile, Trevor, Chris, and Bri silently celebrate, having just secured a fifty/fifty chance that they are going to win this whole shebang. 

Matt puts Rudi in a rejection SUV as their rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey” serenades the farewell footage. He admits that it broke his heart to see her cry. She admits that she now realizes that he cared for her. I cry because I was really looking forward to them singing “Saving All My Love” and “It’s Your Love” in front of a big audience. Now I have to root for dumb old Bri and Chris since Jamie bothers me and Trevor is a fake. 

The two remaining couples are excited for a night on the town in Nashville. Jamie manages to pass a tiny piece of powder pink material as a dress. Fantasy suites are on the line and she needs to make sure Trevor knows that she’s a go. She wore her best red lace bra in case her displayed cleavage wasn’t green light enough. 

Trevor tells her that she gives him confidence and thanks her for taking a risk with him. Jamie and her cleavage remind Trev that she’s falling in love and she’d like to take things to the bedroom. Things get horizontal and just before we get to a NC-17 rating, the camera cuts to Bri and Chris who are the YA version of what’s going on in Trev and Jamie’s suite.

Chris tells Bri that is weird how she’s practically a stranger, yet he feels like he’s known her forever. He’s not scared. He’s excited. He wants to wake up next to her every morning. 

Bri smiles and puts the kibosh on that train of thought immediately. She does NOT want to stay in the fantasy suite, because she wants to connect emotionally before they do anything physical. Chris back pedals a bit and thanks Bri for “being on the same page.” Then Bri promises Chris that it will happen one day when the timing is right. 

Cut to Jamie, her cleavage, and Trevor waking up the next morning in fluffy hotel robes, lounging in a bed surrounded by scattered clothing. We have the pleasure of seeing them make out, take in a lovely continental breakfast, courtesy of room service, and then make out again. 

Meanwhile, Chris and Bri are flailing at rehearsals. Chris sounds off. Bri is psyching herself out. The guy from Entourage is worried that they are in their own heads. Something has changed They are not connecting. Bri blames lack of inspiration. Chris just stands there. 

This was the portion of the show when ABC wanted us to believe that Chris and Bri were going to crash and burn. But we knew better, considering the fact that they did not air Jamie and Trevor’s rehearsal. Why? Based on their actual performance, I’m guessing things were shaky during their time as well. 

What we do see is Jamie and her cleavage hanging all over Trevor in the ride to the auditorium, telling him in her best baby talk that his voice is sexy. He looks miserable, but plasters on a smile, telling her that’s she’s beautiful. 

Once everyone arrives to the venue, they get all dolled up. Bri looks fabulous in her dark lipstick and tasteful black sequined dress. Jamie and her cleavage keep it short and tight. The end. 

Our Host Chris Harrison walks onto the stage in a fantastic tuxedo. He smells like freshly mowed grass, a rugged cowboy’s leather saddle, three fingers of bourbon, and adventure. All the girls in sorority row who fill the auditorium seats squeal with delight.

I get it. They know classic handsome when they see it. 

Our Host introduces Jason and Kaitlyn as Bachelor royalty and the incredible Jewel to the stage. He then welcomes Rita Wilson, as in Tom Hank’s wife, who has four albums herself. Who knew? 

Then he introduces the ridiculously handsome Taye Diggs to the stage — the only man who can pull my eyes away from Harrison, if only for a fleeting moment. 

Jamie and Taylor are up first. They try and sing “Unchained Melody” and fail miserably. When I heard that was their song choice, I thought to myself, “Can either of them hit that high note at the end?” The answer is no. They also arranged it in a country twang version of the iconic ballad that did not translate to me. 

I’d also like to point out that Jamie has a habit of grabbing Trevor’s face whenever she sings. It’s highly annoying for both me and Trevor. How do I know? Because he held her hand THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF of the song so she couldn’t pet him like a rabbit. 

The second song was a little bit better. “Speechless” by Dan Plus Shay is one of my favorite songs, not only because it’s good, but because I get to tease Some Guy in Austin about Dan Plus Shay’s name. The performance was adequate. 

Jamie seemed to think that things went swimmingly in the vocal department and announced to everyone that she was super proud of herself. Trevor intervenes, knowing that the needs to play the “love” card in a big way. 

Trevor: “This is an intense situation. I’ve never fallen for someone who shares the same passion as I do. We started by playing music together. She’s already seen my soul, so it’s easy to talk to her.”

pop tv flirt GIF by Schitt's Creek

Rita thinks this is sweet. Kaitlyn says something inappropriate about fantasy suites. Jewel cries for no reason. And Taye digs honestly shares that he thinks their nerves got in the way of a solid performance. 

Taye’s smoking good looks isn’t the only thing that burns.

Bri and Chris are up next. They agree to “lock in” on each other once they get out there, which is exactly what they do. Almost to a fault. I kept yelling for Bri to smile, but she looked scared to death. 

HOWEVER, they sounded really, really good. They sang “To Make You Feel My Love” and “Give Me Love.” It was the best Chris has ever performed. The audience loved every second. There was a quick shot of Jamie, her cleavage, and Trevor in the wings. Even though Jamie was stroking his cheek, you could see on Trevor’s face that he knew they were dunzo. 

Bri tells the judges that it was the calmest she’s ever felt on stage. And it was Chris who gave her that peace and confidence. Rita loved them. Taye cried and casually mentioned he would pay money to see them perform. Jewel wanted more connection, but appreciated their harmonies. And Jason said something that was overshadowed by Kaitlyn’s sharp wit and humor.

Chris Harrison took great pride in sharing with the audience that the rose ceremony would be live. And even though there was nary a rose to be found on that entire stage, Bri and Chris were deemed the winners and immediately rushed off to their tour bus to begin their musical journey of bliss, which was immediately ruined by COVID-19. 

There you have it! The inaugural season of Listen To Your Heart is in the books. Do you think the right couple won? Were you bummed about Rudi and Matt’s decision to leave early? And most importantly of all, do you think there needs to be a Season 2?

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4 months ago

I was so bummed about Matt and Rudi leaving! I was really rooting for them, and liked them as a couple. Not gonna lie… I fast forwarded some parts after that disappointment. So thanks for your recap and filling in the gaps for me lol

I think Bri was getting in her head- recognized that because it’s my MO too..: but glad she was able to pull it together. Chris sang great too. I don’t know that I would ever pay to see them perform, but was glad for them.

Thanks for another recap season!

4 months ago

I was so bummed about Rudi and Matt. For most of the episode, I kept thinking it was an editing trick and that Matt was going to realize that he is really madly in love with her and they come back and talk to Chris Harrison and there is a dramatic return and they win it all! Sigh. I was happy that Chris and Bri won only because that meant that Jamie and Trevor didn’t. I would actually be interested to know what happened with Rudi and Matt after they left. They sounded so awesome together.

4 months ago

Matt was not familiar with The Bachelor/ette format, so when the Fantasy Suite subject came up, he took it very seriously. I bet it never occurred to him that he could agree to go, but just use the time away from cameras to get to know Rudi. The Fantasy Suite doesn’t REQUIRE intimacy, but encourages it. He probably didn’t know that many Bach/ette contestants have gone to the Fantasy Suite just to have time alone to get to know each other better without cameras around, not to hit the sheets. I wonder if later, he went “Wait! What? I could… Read more »

Julie C
Julie C
4 months ago
Reply to  Michele

Michele, you have so nailed it here. So sorry there wasn’t the ‘’love connection’’ with Matt and Rudi, but musically, they are dynamite together. Let’s hope they can get beyond the show and go forward with what could be an awesome career for the both of them.

4 months ago

I couldn’t stop focusing on the fact that Bri ran outside in bare feet in the rain! I kept thinking that surely she would stop and put her shoes back on, as again, it was raining, but no! I don’t get it. Bare feet on a dirty wet city sidewalk? No thanks! Season 2? Hmm. I don’t know. The jury is still out for me on this season. I think if they had been able to pick their own songs it would be better, because if I’ve learned one thing from American Idol, it’s that song choice is critical! (To… Read more »

4 months ago

I was bummed about Rudi and Matt, but was okay with Chris and Bri winning. And OMG, I hope there’s going to be a second season. IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!!

You and Trevor aren’t the only ones annoyed with Jamie petting Trevor’s face–it drove me nuts. There was no reason for her to do that. When the judges told them back in week 1 that they needed more connection–that wasn’t what they meant.

4 months ago

I was so bummed when Matt and Rudi left that I didn’t even care about the rest! Chris always scares them by saying they have to feel like they’re ready to get married when this ends!! I don’t know if Matt would ever get there but they had enough of a connection to build on over time but didn’t get the chance. Bri and Chris were the second best musically so they deserved to win.

3 months ago

I’m so thankful for your recap because I stopped watching as soon as Matt and Rudi drove away. Seriously. They were far and away the 2 best… and I agree with the other comment that Matt’s producer probably worked super hard to play up his fears so he would leave, so that they could have Bri and Chris (who are in “love”) win the whole thing. I want to hear more of Matt and Rudi!!! I think Bri and Chris are super talented and lovely but Matt and Rudi are more electric performers and I would way rather pay to… Read more »

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