Michael Bublé Houston Fan Club President

I may not be the actual president of the Michael Bublé fan club, but I am a card-carrying member. I remember the day my friend Keri introduced me to his “It’s Time” album. I squealed with delight because I had JUST EXPERIENCED THE WONDER THAT IS THE BUBLÉ while watching The Wedding Date in 2004.

Counting the concert I just attended this week, I’ve seen Michael four times. He’s an incredible entertainer. He’s smooth, funny, charming and speaks my love language — sarcasm. I just checked my iTunes account and it says I have seven hours and 36 minutes of Bublé music. ROAD TRIP!

I love this guy’s voice with And here are the songs you need to go download RIGHT NOW if you don’t already have them:

  • His entire Christmas Album
  • Lost
  • Me and Mrs. Jones
  • Everything
  • That’s Life
  • Feeling Good
  • Home
  • Fever
  • Georgia On My Mind
  • Stardust
  • Haven’t Met You Yet
  • Save the Last Dance for Me
  • Sway
  • Forever Now
  • When I Fall In Love

For those of you who have yet to discover Bublé, here are a few videos that endeared Michael to me back in his early days:

And my all-time favorite — Hamm and Bublé

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1 year ago

Lincee! I loved the Wedding Date. Some of that probably was the great music… I especially liked “Save the last dance for me”. He is pretty funny too. For anyone out there reading this (which for now looks like it is mainly just me) you really need to watch the Wedding Date. It is so cute.

1 year ago

I just saw him in Phoenix a couple weeks ago (my second time), and he was just SO AMAZING. I love him. My husband is Canadian, and my only saving grace for making him come with me (he has no interest!), is that he made funny jokes about how much Canadians like Phoenix. 🙂

Amy Cooper
Amy Cooper
1 year ago

He is soooooo….talented. The Carpool Karaoke brought tears to my eyes!

1 year ago
Reply to  Amy Cooper

Me, too! Thank you, Lincee, for sharing these videos. I’m a big fan of Michael Buble.

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