IHGB Podcast #117: An Hour of Recaps

Hey y’all!

I know you’re listening today to hear an entertaining recap on The Bachelorette, but truth be told, it was the worst episode ever. What are you supposed to do when the show dedicates 40 minutes of Luke drama and an hour of recapping?

Back off, ABC. People come to my website and podcast to read/hear a stellar bachelorette recap, thankyouverymuch. 

Stop cramping my style.

Some Guy in Austin and I had a hard time deciding what to talk about this episode. We discussed Luke, what Some Guy calls “Hannah’s meltdown” and what I call “Hannah’s soapbox” moment. Then Luke again, Harrison’s hug and pocket square (I’d hug those shoulders). Luke once more and Harrison’s manufactured fireside chat.

And, of course, Luke

We also dive into the cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6. I’m eager to watch Demi stake her claim in some guy (probably Blake). I’m hopeful that Annaleise finds love (so she won’t ever come on the show again) and I’m so happy to see that Keith/Kevin’s shoulder is better. I can’t wait to hear him speak. 

Pass the Germ Squirt, people. Paradise is back. 


I mention an article about one of the producers on the show who is GOOD LOOKING. Someone over at Cosmopolitan did their research!

Want to read the full recap for this episode? Click HERE!

Want to read my initial thoughts on the Bachelor in Paradise season 6 cast? Click HERE!


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11 months ago

Lincee and Some Guy In Austin’s Podcast> Episode 5B. PS. I think I remember Jane being overly vocal during the WTA in Colton’s season.

11 months ago

Love listening to you & Some Guy! Actually it was Peter the Pilot not Garrett who asked Hannah to be his girlfriend a couple weeks ago. Garrett, I think, did have some nice one on one time with her several weeks ago too during which he did not talk about other guys.

11 months ago

That was the worst. I hated the recap part and I hate Luke. In other news I just missed a call from Latvia!! Was it Chris?? Does he need me???

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