IHGB Podcast #119: Let’s Talk Windmills

Hey everyone !

We’re doing things a little differently on the podcast today.  I thought y’all would rather listen to Some Guy in Austin and I debate a few issues that popped up after what will forever go down as  THE WINDMILL EPISODE.

Who will be the odd man out after hometowns?
How did Garrett turn into such a chach right before our eyes?
Could Mike be the next bachelor?

And of the remaining suitors, which one did the hokey pokey in a windmill?



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Yes, Greece has windmills


Tulips on your organ?


I have been a loyal follower of your blog and podcast for many years, Lincee, as well as following SGIA’s blog (up until he stopped blogging.) Both of you have provided me with many belly laughs over the years. But I’ve been primarily a lurker, rarely commenting, even though I thoroughly enjoy both of you. Tonight I HAD to tell you that you guys got my biggest laugh yet over the image of Tyler busting out of his pants like the Incredible Hulk. It’s giving me the giggles (and tears in my eyes) just typing about it. BRAVO!!

I agree with your predictions (and I stay away from spoilers too.) I definitely think that Luke will be the one to turn up like a bad penny and try to weasel his way into proposing at the last minute, even though we assume he gets sent home earlier. This will make me really mad if it happens, because it would mean that ABC enabled him to do that (they probably wouldn’t need to put him up to it, but they would assist him in making it happen.) That would be going too far. Once he was sent home, he should have been OFF the show. It’s not fair to the other guys she keeps. Luke shouldn’t be given an additional chance with her. I hope they didn’t help him come back, but I think they probably did. We’ll find out eventually. And what really scares me, is that Hannah just might take him back in a moment of weakness . . . If that happens, then they deserve each other, and I won’t feel sorry for Hannah when her heart gets broken. She will have made her bed and has to lie in it (with a hot-tempered, controlling, narcissist.)


You can stay in a windmill made into a hotel on Mykonos…..so looks like it may have happened during fantasy suites


I don’t think Luke is first up in the fantasy suites because he says something like “if you engaged in hokey pokey with anyone else, I’m out”. And she has clearly hokey pokeyed twice in a windmill with one or more remaining guys.