IHGB Podcast #122: The Luke P. Show

My friend Stephanie and I struggled to come up with things to talk about this episode. It could have accurately been summed up with two sentences. “It was the Luke Show. The end.” 

Then we could have talked about Our Host Chris Harrison’s eyes and Hannah’s random Pretty Woman inspired rose ceremony dress, and her interesting hairdo that looked like a schoolmarm bun with thick tendrils floating down. 

We didn’t, of course. We talked about the episode. But just know that we could have spent an entire episode on just the tendrils. 


Want to read the full recap for this episode? Click HERE!


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I thought I would miss Some Guy….but go Stephanie!


I thought you two did a great job with the faith/sex/religion discussion. It was on point and very respectful to all parties. (But I did miss Some Guy!) Stephanie–you are a great fill in!! Roll Tide.


Funny recap, Stephanie did great. Would Mrs. Some Guy ever fill in for her busy hubby? I would like to here her take on things since he mentions that they watch together.


Great job ladies! I do miss SGIA, but Stephanie you are a hoot as well! When I look back on Luke P and the LONG pauses and all the dead air, I think he probably is taking the advice of his support system back at home. They probably said, “take your time, choose your words carefully so you are not misunderstood.” Unfortunately he lacks awareness of other people’s discomfort, so the dead air went on for a painfully long time. Also, I heard from OHCH and also another article that Luke P left to catch a plane for a friend’s wedding. HOWEVER, couldn’t he have done that during the commercial break?! Lastly, I think Hannah should’ve taken the high road and not given her apology to the viewers at the end.


Lincee, did y’all not see Cam rap at the very end??!

Wendy McDonald
Wendy McDonald

Even though I miss SGIA doing the recap, Stephanie did a fantastic job co-hosting with you. You both had me laughing.

Your podcasts are awesome Lincee, just like your recaps.