IHGB #182: Kenny Ortega

Hello everyone!

I’m excited about this episode because I think it’s going to be educational for those of you who love your pop culture mixed in with a little dance.  Today my sister Jamie and I are talking about the choreographical genius of Kenny Ortega.

Who is that you might ask? 

Well, you may not know the man, but you definitely know his work. He’s the guy who brought us these iconic moments in film:

Johnny lifting Baby in the water.

Duckie singing to Otis Redding in the record shop. 

Ferris commandeering an entire St. Patrick’s day parade.

Kenny Ortega also introduced the world to Zac Ephron, and I think we can all agree that we are better people for it. 


Xanadu — If anything screams 1980, it’s this performance.

Newsies — Boys dancing. Enough said.

Hocus Pocus — amok, amok, amok…

Descendants — An acquired taste for sure.


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