IHGB #203 Bachelor Matt James: Hometown Dates

Hello everyone !

This week on The Bachelor is traditionally titled “Hometown Dates.” However, since all of the families have to quarantine at the Neapolitan due to COVID, the remaining contestants call this week “Home Visits.” 

Some Guy in Austin and I discuss many things this episode, such as:

  • Michelle’s darling parents
  • The Gilmore Girl-ness of Bri and her mom
  • Serena’s deadpan sister and her fierce words
  • And facts about Canada, eh?

We also hypothesize the sound of bone crunching as Rachael’s face crashes into a lush grassy knoll over by the Neapolitan golf course. How did her features remain unscathed? Did she make a deal with the devil? 

And were her glassy eyes a product of an emotional reunion with her parents? Or the remnants of Hydrocodone?

We clearly have a lot of feelings and a lot of questions about the logistics of this date and genuinely wonder if Rachael is a cyborg. 


Here’s Matt James’ hometown dates recap!

And here’s the link to our official Bachelorette Bracket we are playing with my favorite sports podcast, Last Night’s Game. I can’t wait!!!


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February 25, 2021 9:34 am

I am SOOOO glad I didn’t bother watching this season.

February 25, 2021 1:30 pm

In discussing the Harrison interview one has to recognize that Harrison’s demeanor toward Rachel Lindsay is what was so problematic. He passionately defended Rachael the contestant’s behavior and gave no acknowledgement that it might be an issue for people of color. He talked over and at Rachel, threw out the condescending “woke police” term, and tried to say that 2 years ago a girl would not have known that antebellum is not a good look. He gave no time or effort to listen to Rachel Lindsay’s point of view. It was a sad example of blind white privilege. I had… Read more »

February 25, 2021 5:37 pm
Reply to  Cheryl

Thank you SGIA for your astute comments on the CH situation. You are right on..a voice of reason at last!

February 26, 2021 12:26 pm

I thought it was interesting that Matt told one dad that when he was with each girl he only thought about that particular relationship, but then he told Rachel that he didn’t ask her dad for his blessing because he didn’t want to ask 4 times. Which shows that he IS thinking about other relationships.

I also totally agree about being thankful that social media didn’t exist when I was in university.

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