IHGB #207 Bachelor Matt James Finale

Hey y’all!

To say that Bachelor Matt James’ season finale was the most dramatic is an understatement. Although most of you probably knew the controversy that swirled around Rachael, one of his final two picks, I can report that many other moments had me wagging my finger at the screen, sucking in my breath in shock, and shaking my head in disbelief. 

I will guess that most of you listening already know the glaring revelations from After the Final Rose. There’s no need for me to break down every little detail, commenting on the episode’s ins and outs, yet Some Guy in Austin and I do just that. 

And look, I get that you’re listening right now because you really want to if Emmanuel Acho is as great as everyone is claiming him to be. 

That answer, by the way, is yes. 

Yes, Emmanuel Acho is a fine man who enjoys riveting conversation and the snug fit of a jaunty plaid suit. 


Here’s Matt James’ season finale recap.

And here’s a link to Emmanuel Acho’s website.


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Karen D
Karen D
March 18, 2021 8:50 am

Great show y’all!
Thank you for pointing out the similarities between OHCH and Acho!

March 22, 2021 10:34 am

I too was curious what Rachel’s “action” steps are now that she has finished reading and listening. I think in my own world, once you get past the learning steps the action would be supporting black owned businesses, voting in local elections and making sure you are letting local officials know you are behind the Black Lives Matter movement, keeping your own biases in check. And so much more.

Also, they never circled back to talking about Chris Harrison and his role in the Rachel scandal. I wonder if it didn’t come back up or was cut?

March 22, 2021 2:29 pm

In regards to SGIA’s question regarding what people are attempting to educate themselves on with race issues is not necessarily how we are all intentionally racist, but rather observing how our society and the systems we operate in are inherently racist and need to be shifted and changed in order to more accurately reflect a more equal system. Our national systems were all mostly created during times when national racism was heavily present and now it is so indoctrinated that people lack understanding. You can see that ignorance in Rachael Kirkconnel’s actions and lack of understanding of why it was… Read more »

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