I Hate Green Beans Podcast 21: ‘Outlander’ – He Said / She Said

Episode 21 of the IHateGreenBeans podcast is all about the television show Outlander. I have never been silent about my love for this show, but I thought it would be fun to discuss Jamie and Claire from a male perspective. Thanks to his wife who has very good taste in television programming, Some Guy in Austin not only watches, but has very specific opinions about a certain Scottish highlander and his Sassenach.

We have a long debate about this moment:


And believe it or not, we have a healthy discussion (for once) comparing Outlander to The Notebook.

I KNOW! A healthy discussion comparing Noah and Jamie! CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?!

Some Guy is pretty passionate about the vocabulary he chooses to describe certain events. A constant censor beep would have been super annoying, so I utilized more creative measures to make sure this podcast stays clean as a whistle…for the most part.

I hope you enjoy!


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Disappointed Sassenach
Disappointed Sassenach

I’m a huge Outlander fan so I was excited to listen to your Outlander podcast! But then I was disappointed. For proclaiming yourself as a big fan, I was surprised to hear you let Some Guy pretty much just rip on the entire storyline while you laughed about it. Huh? Also, you were incorrect talking about some simple facts from the show like, Claire and Jamie are in the 1700s, NOT the 1800’s like you referenced a couple times. And she goes back to see him in his print shop in Edinburgh SCOTLAND, not somewhere in England, like you discussed. Those aren’t minor details, and ones that if you truly actually followed the show you ‘d easily know. So yea, I was really disappointed because I was hoping for a really fun and enthusiastic discussion on the topic from you, which is what you excel at! But this podcast fell very short of that. It didn’t seem to me like you really know that much about the show so I’m confused why you bothered to do an entire podcast about it.

Carolina Girl
Carolina Girl

Loved this podcast as much as all of your others! Fun banter between 2 friends discussing A TV Show… not writing a thesis for a doctoral program , for heavens sake! Thanks so much for all that you do & have a great weekend!