I Hate Green Beans Podcast 32: Bachelor Arie Season Premiere

The past several days have been an emotional roller coaster. I had a death in the family, so the premiere of Janu-Arie took a back seat to spending time with loved ones. And I think you can hear it in the podcast. Thanks so much for listening and I promise I’ll do better next time!

If you’d like to read the recap, you can click HERE. Otherwise, get ready to sift through the hair extensions, boobs, and horrific icebreakers to help us predict who will land the coveted spot of Mrs. Bachelor Arie.

Spoiler: It’s not the girl who asked him to smell her pits.


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I’m sorry to hear of your loss Lincee. I’m loving the podcast although I still read the blog because I love to read the comments and perspective of the other readers. You and some guy have great rapport and I hope he continues to join you on the podcasts. It’s actually nice to hear a guys point of view.


Is it just me, or does the taxidermy chick seem like Mesa Verde Ashley’s long lost cousin? Thanks for the recap!


I enjoyed listening to the podcast with Some Guy in Austin (he has a great radio voice and I liked your rapport). Fun observations by both of you! P.S. It would be good if you could provide an intro and/or social media links of your guests during the podcast. Excellent job and I will be listening again. Hope to hear the Austin Guy again too!


Kendall looks like Ashley Salter from Chris Soules season. I like her, she’s weird just like Ashley.