I Hate Green Beans Podcast 35: Bachelor Arie Week 4 Recap

Well, we finally know how Arie feels upon the revelation that Bekah is 22-years-old. Devastation. Horror. Heartbroken. Pain. The poor guy had to hold it together at dinner while tears pooled in his eyes as he did the mental math to come up with a fourteen year age difference. He likes her, but she’s not going to win. I don’t think Arie can do it.

We also discuss survival skills, how Seinne is slowing climbing the ranks, and KRYSTAAAAALLLLLLLL.

Oh! And if you haven’t heard yet, I wrote a book! And it comes out in TWO WEEKS! I’m so excited, very nervous, and would love for you to check it out. Read all about it HERE!

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!


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I looooooove your podcasts!!!!! Some Guy and Lincee in the same place????? Yassss. Okay, so where is this Saturday Night Fever post of which you speak???? I must see this so I can Fangirl on you if ever I see you on a plane. Y’all are the best.

Carolina Girl
Carolina Girl

Am loving your podcasts…y’all are so funny together! Can’t wait to read your book!!! Come to Atlanta for a book signing!


I look forward to your podcasts every week. Agree w/ the others that Lincee & Some Guy are hilarious together! P.S. Lincee, you need to come to San Antonio for a book signing!


Love listening to the podcast! Also, I posted this comment on the other post, but I’ll post it here too since you guys discussed this in the podcast. I actually understand the “flexible schedule” requirement. I’ve been married for 16 years and my husbands work schedule is totally inflexible and strenuous on our family (he’s a football coach in the most competitive region in Texas). I own my own business and have a very flexible schedule and its the ONLY way our family works. If I had a crazy schedule just like my hubby, we would fall apart quickly and my kids would be the first to suffer. In fact, when our first child was born, I was climbing the corporate ladder (while my hubby still had his awful schedule) and it was almost the demise of us. Once I started my own company, we found our new groove and we are all happier for it. I’m guessing that Arie understands this and is just being realistic. I don’t think his real estate career should be too demanding tho, maybe its his racing career?


You guys went on and on about Kendall getting the group date rose but really it was Tia, after that crazy confrontation with Krystal!! That was a big part of that date.


Never mind, you figured it out ;}


I only know what SGIA looks like from the photo of when the two of you crashed OHCH book signing a few years back. Fave SGIA story… Jeopardy tryouts in New Orleans. Hilarious!