I Hate Green Beans Podcast 42: Bachelor Arie Finale and After the Final Rose

We made it through another season. Arie’s finale was a doozie. After the Final Rose was a hot mess. I’m sure it met every expectation ABC anticipated for the big event. There was a jilted bride, a girl power moment, speculation, a bland “apology,” very little closure, a reunion, an engagement, a new bachelorette announcement, a banjo, a few chaches, and a horse.

What more could we ask for?

A lot. There’s a lot more we can ask. And here’s a list:

    1. Why did Arie tell Becca that he has “been in her shoes.” Uh, no ya haven’t, mister. Emily did not propose to you five years ago. You were the Lauren in this scenario. Jack wagon.
    2. Did ABC not have enough miles to upgrade Becca to business class? Or something other than the middle seat? I know she probably booked her flight last minute, considering the turn of events, but geez.
    3. Should Becca be her own wind keeper and burn the Polaroids of Arie?
    4. Is watching old videos from Peru the best way to spend time on your b-roll footage?
    5. Can someone hand the woman a Kleenex for crying out loud?
    6. Is there any reason to feel sorry for Lauren?
    7. Does Baby Bekah own a shirt?
    8. Do we believe that Arie is manipulative like Tia says?
    9. Why did Arie get down on one knee if he wasn’t sure the morning of the proposal?
    10. Can Harrison pull off the term “bonehead” without sounding like an old man?
    11. What did Baby Bekah mean when she said that Arie “had a choice” to end the relationship with Becca on camera?
    12. Do you think Kendall kept her stuffed bride rat after seeing this mess unfold before her eyes?
    13. What’s up with the timeline and should I care at this point?
    14. Was it Becca’s intent to channel Wonder Woman with her gold dress? To show she’s a strong woman? With an invisible plane?
    15. Do we all call BS on Becca telling Harrison that she appreciates having her breakup aired live in front of the world because it helps her get closure?
    16. Is this what DAMAGE CONTROL looks like in the ABC PR department?
    17. Will Arie live in the same house with Lauren that he already picked out with Becca?
    18. How long did it take for the ABC Intern to hang those strategically placed billboards?
    19. Who are these people contributing to Becca’s Venmo account?
    20. Isn’t it cool that Becca is giving all the money ($6,000) to Stand Up For Cancer?
    21. Can’t ABC do a little better than matching six grand?
    22. Did they give all their spare cash to Arie to propose on national television?
    23. Do you think Becca will give some of the serious cash ABC paid her to be the next bachelorette to Stand Up For Cancer?
    24. Why can’t Arie answer the questions Becca asks him?
    25. How can Becca be that calm, cool, and collected when he’s staring at her like that?
    26. Why is Kendall weeping in Baby Bekah’s arms? Is she over tired? Will Bekah be able to hold her up?
    27. Did Arie really admit that he felt pressure as the bachelor to propose?
    28. Why do I still feel an ick emotion when I see Mesnick?
    29. Do you assume Arie suggested Lauren not watch the finale because it paints him in a horrendous, dirty brown light?
    30. Did Lauren notice that Chris Harrison was right beside her as she whisked by him into the protective arms of her boyfriend? How did she not smell him?
    31. Does everyone understand that these two crazy kids are going to make it because she’s the one person in the world who can tell him from the bottom of her heart that she thinks he did the right thing?
    32. How many different ways can Arie say, “It was worth it.”
    33. How much time is an appropriate amount of time to let pass before proposing to another woman?
    34. Should you propose on national TV when your ex-fiancé is in the other room?
    35. Did Arie use the same ring for Lauren as he did for Becca?
    36. Do you think the ABC Intern used a blender to mix up some margaritas to distract Becca from overhearing Arie ask Lauren to marry him?
    37. Who were the boneheads in the audience who clapped during the proposal?
    38. Am I making bonehead the new fetch? Am I weird for wanting to make that happen? Does that make me old?
    39. How many ex-girlfriends can sit on one couch?
    40. How many nether regions did the entire first row see?
    41. What exactly does the ABC contract entail?
    42. Do you sign your life away forever? Or just until the elasticity gives out on your face?
    43. Will the majority of Becca’s beaus be of the chach variety?
    44. Why am I suddenly drawn to the banjo? And the dude playing it?
    45. Is there any way home boy will NOT hoist Becca up on that horse?
    46. How much glitter goes into a glitter bomb?


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Ok-lots to say.
1. I hope Lauren and Arie are happy together-and I think they may actually last. They do seem good and boring together. Nothing against them-it’s a fact.
2. I HATE Becca being the bachelorette. She had her heart torn apart in front of the world for ratings only. And people can say she’s perfect (nice, caring, sweet, attractive, etc) but that is EXACTLY why she shouldn’t be it. She will have her heart broken again. I mean, come on, the odds of these “relationships” working out..next to none. So Becca, get prepared for another heartache sista. I would have LOVED if she agreed and then come time for them to announce said her name and then she said “no thanks, I’ll pass due to production not giving a shit about my feelings”. THAT I WOULD RESPECT!
3. Adding on the #2, production and ratings. Harrison can say whatever he wants “Do you think it was too much to air the breakup” and all those girls (whom I like so far)-“No, not too much, It shows…” they all lied, they all thought it was wrong-but wnated a chance to be the next bacherette at some point. They ALL lost points in my book. The breakup It was all about ratings. And we take it in, like a soap opera. But it’s a real heart. The show is trash, but I still watch it. But reading everyone saying, I cannot believe they did that to her. Really??? They did it for us. So we can write, tweet, instagram, and talk about it, for more ratings. Harrison said it himself, this eposide BLEW UP SOCIAL MEDIA. We are the problem.
4. Arie was boring but quite frankly, he did the right thing. He has some connection with Lauren (from what I saw) that was not present with Becca. I think he actually HATES the limelight and does not know how to handle these type of situations. I think producers said we have to air this, and he just agreed… I Think he honestly just wants to be with Lauren and be left alone. I will retract my statement when I see him on DWTS. Until then, I think the poor guy (yes, I know he’s a bit of an ass) made the right decision. I think it says a lot that he never shed one tear when breaking up with her. How can you NOT cry at all when breaking up on TV with your fiance? He obviously does not love her, right?

Either way glad this season is O.V.E.R.


Yeah, I kinda agree with you.


Wow, Jennifer everything you said is right on point. Totally agree.


A lot of what you said made sense EXCEPT that you think Arie hates the limelight! Not true! He’s been begging the producers for years to be the Bachelor. He’s a narcissist and the only reason he was uncomfortable in the “limelight” on ATFR is because he knows he was a jerk, is a jerk and that America knows he’s a jerk.


I bet the producers told Arie that the only way they would let him have an expensive Neil Lane engagement ring for Lauren for free is if he proposed to her live on ATFR. (And no, I’m guessing Arie didn’t reuse Becca’s ring but got to choose an entirely different one in this case.) I don’t think he would have proposed to Lauren on the show if there wasn’t something specific in it for him, money-wise (the ring, or maybe a bigger payout). There was just so much negativity (and deservedly so) towards him on ATFR. It was pretty much one of the worst proposals ever!! SO awkward. And Lincee, I agree with you that more than one of the guys who came out as bachelors for Becca came off as a total chach! At least one of them was ogling Becca’s body up and down very openly. Gag! It was gross. I thought the banjo guy was cute, though. He seemed like a sweetie!

Old Christine
Old Christine

I also thought Arie proposed on camera so he could get a free ring from Uncle Neil. It was still disgusting.


11. It’s reported that Arie was not contractually obligated to film the break up talk, but of course they’re going to encourage him to do so as much as possible.

My friend made a good point. Arie CHOSE to film the breakup with Becca but kept all of the meet-ups and conversations he had with Lauren private. The worst.

There were also reports of Arie already proposing to Lauren at Monarch Bay BEFORE even going into the ATFR.


The ring he gave Lauren was different–it was a cushion cut and the one he gave Becca was an oval. I’m sure Uncle Neil gave him a deal on the second ring. He’s still in the Chach Hall of Fame. He just wanted Becca to tell him it was okay what he did and to go be happy with the yellow haired one. I’m glad she didn’t. He’s not getting absolution on this. And of course, Lauren had to chime in and tell the world that he did the right thing (yeah–for HER). I can’t stand either one of them and they both need to go away and quit trying to get our approval. We get it, you made a mistake. whatever.

Lincee–you and Some Guy are hilarious. When you start laughing, I can’t help but laugh along with you–and I thought we weren’t supposed to mention you know who by name? You know–the guy who would work for $50 and a case of Lone Star. I seriously would have DIED if Some Guy had done that!

Kevin sends puppy kisses and a bouquet of roses for all the Green Beaners and says he’ll see you for Bachelorette!


See you then, Kevin! Will look forward to your commentary! Thanks for the puppy kisses!!


That podcast was so interesting that I’m going to have to listen to it again! Well done!


I agree Lee. I listened to it twice too!!!!!!!!


The finale and ATFR were so beyond boring! And I hope I never have to see Arie’s pathetic mug ever again.


my hubby, not a fan, hung with me in the fading hours of the Arie season…his comment when Arie stated he wanted a “fairytale ending” was Arie Lost His Man Card! He also predicted that ABC saw the show tanking so they set up the whole Becca break up and judging by the reaction, selected her as the next Bachelorette…he’s very smart! Lost his Man Card indeed!


The “fairytale ending” comment made me smirk too!


The way he dotes on women seems very feminine to me as well. I’m not sure if Arie ever carried a man-card.


agree – I think there was no clear candidate for Bachelorette. So ABC showed the whole break up ordeal to try and get the audience emotionally invested in Becca.

Cindy S
Cindy S

Lincee you need to watch the Jimmy Kimmel clip. He pretty much roasted both of them, while being funny about it. He asked if it was the same ring. No. He asked Lauren if she would have accepted the proposal if it’d been Becca’s ring and she said no. They also said they’ve been planning their wedding.

Arie said on several interviews that he WANTED them to air the break up so that the public could know ‘it was on him’. I call BS on that. He was hoping to get some sympathy out of it somehow.

And hell yea he will never let Lauren watch the finale. If she had watched it, she might not have been so forgiving. Of course she seems clueless when it comes to him, so she probably wouldn’t have cared. I’m guessing her parents are secretly appalled. I would be.


Did you see this?!?!

Minnesota Politician Drafts Bill to Ban Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. from Becca’s Home State


PS….Howdy OHCH. Call me!

Cindy S
Cindy S

Just listened to your podcast. About died (at work no less) when Some Guy said his pants wouldn’t hug his nuts and the hem would go past his ankles! So funny.

But now you’ve GOT to tell what motion or look Some Guy gave you (assuming you can see him) when he said Becca ‘dodged a bullet’. You were cracking up. I feel like I missed something there!

Ann Blank
Ann Blank

Banjo guy wearing my gransmothers blazer,for the win ! Lauren has ZERO insight or self respect.That proposal was the epitome of ” not reading the room correctly.”


Tia’s skirt?! Was VERY short


Seriously! When she sat on the couch with the other girls to talk to Chris Harrison, it was almost not covering ANY of her legs at all. Seemed like a shirt, basically. My jaw about dropped.


I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to hear the word nuts.

Frank s
Frank s

I think that “rental” home wrecker Lauren gets too much of a pass. I never heard her once feel sorry for or even wish the best for Becca. She may be hot, but what a boring needy self centered spoiled brat. I guess they really are made for each other.