IHGB Podcast 52: Harry and Meghan

We are just days away from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding any my roommate Lara and I couldn’t be more excited. And it’s not just because we watched the Lifetime Original biopic full of interesting and accurate facts about the happy couple.

It was sooooo horrible in suuuuuch a good way.

No, I am excited to get up early, drink tea and eat crumpets while wearing a fascinator on my head, knowing that one day, a commoner like me could marry into royalty too. Would I have to wear panty hose for the rest of my life? Probably. But I’d have a sweet carriage and stylish coats.

I’d be willing to make that compromise.


Here’s a USA Today article that provides all the ways you can watch the royal wedding on Saturday.

Need a fascinator? Amazon has a ton.

You know you want to watch the Lifetime biopic Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance.

Lara and I talk about the infamous balcony kiss. Well, it’s going to be a little different this time.

Harry and Meghan’s bridal party has been announced! And they are all tiny people!

Here’s what The Telegraph knows so far about the wedding dress.

Here are all the royal wedding party food ideas you need for the big day!


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Enjoy the show!


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Laugh out loud in the kitchen alone while prepping Royal Wedding Watch Party food: the timing of “In the Jungle” and Lara’s comment, “What’s her favorite kind of CHEESE?” Thank y’all for covering this gem in the tiara of Lifetime movies.