IHGB Podcast #62: Bachelorette Becca Fantasy Suites

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s a very important week for Bachelorette Becca. We’ve reached the forgo card dates and Becca has to make big time decisions, like who will sleep in the yurt? Who will she make cross the threshold? Who will have to eat crickets?

Clearly, we have a lot to discuss

A quick warning for those of you who may have small ears listening along with you. Although this is a family show, it is fantasy suite week. On The Bachelorette. Please know that Some Guy in Austin and I don’t get gross, but there are a lot of innuendos thrown around.

I just want you to be prepared if someone in the back seat asks why those two weirdos are laughing hysterically at the word wood.

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Enjoy the show!


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Listening to y’all while getting a pedicure BEST COMBO EVER!
I do want to note that Sean Lowe was a born again virgin and stated he would not be intimate in the fantasy suite either. Colton is not out of the running for Bachelor bc he is a virgin. They’ve done it before.

A Noid
A Noid

I have to stop listening when you start laughing at something you’ve bleeped out, or when you play music.


I listened to this one with my husband at the beginning of a 4 hour drive and I thought he was going to crash the car when SGIA talked about letting the dragon out of the condo. He was a real-life cry-laughing emoji. So funny!