IHGB Podcast #88: Bachelor Colton Episode 2

Happy Wednesday everyone!

In this episode, Some Guy in Austin is back to help me figure out just what went wrong when Miss Alabama lost her ability to speak. We also discuss shorty shorts, overalls, and how to make a proper toast.

Love him or leave him, Colton is here to stay and he’s ready to find a tiny blond wife. Which one will it be?!


One of our very own long-time IHGB readers, Emma St Clair, wrote a romance novel based on a reality show just like The Bachelor and it is killing it on Amazon. I read it in a day and loved it. Do you know why? Because I laughed. Emma is witty. You don’t get that much in romances. It’s called The Billionaire Love Match and it couldn’t be more delightful. You’re not going to find any fantasy suites, but you will find all the characters endearing. Especially the sassy female lead who wears boots!

If you’d like to read an entire recap of Colton’s second episode, click HERE!


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Enjoy the show!

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Was it just me or did the podcast abruptly cut off? Either way, I laughed hysterically. These make my week, the recaps and the podcasts!


Somehow my phone cut out, but my computer played it. Sorry!