IHGB Podcast #90: Bachelor Colton Episode 4 Recap

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I think you’re really going to enjoy this one.

Some Guy in Austin and I discuss several important topics like:

Bungee jumping: Fun or idiotic?
Leaches: Helpful or Harmful?
Demi: Smart or Brilliant?

Before you listen, I’d like to disclaim two things:

1. Some Guy and I go off on a slight tangent and laugh so hard there’s silence. 
2. I pronounce Caelyn’s name as a double name Kay Lynn half of the time. I don’t know how the twang escapes me. 

Speaking of things that are puzzling, how do you confuse the name Hannah with Caelyn? 

The answer is…you don’t.)

Bold move Harrison.      


One of our very own long-time IHGB readers, Emma St Clair, wrote a romance novel based on a reality show just like The Bachelor and it is killing it on Amazon. I read it in a day and loved it. Do you know why? Because I laughed. Emma is witty. You don’t get that much in romances. It’s called The Billionaire Love Match and it couldn’t be more delightful. You’re not going to find any fantasy suites, but you will find all the characters endearing. Especially the sassy female lead who wears boots!

If you’d like to read an entire recap of Colton’s fourth episode, click HERE!


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Enjoy the show!

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Wendy McDonald
Wendy McDonald

Hi Lincee!
First and foremost, congrats on your 2nd book! Excited to read it. (Loved your first book sooo much!)

Some podcast remarks: Love your and SGIA’s hilarity as in all your podcasts. You two are amazing together and always make me laugh so hard!

One observation with the Demi/Courtney feud, I believe the producers held Courtney back saying u cant talk to Colton right now and I think they pushed Demi, ok, it’s your time to go approach Colton (*more than 1 time.) We know the producers are involved in WHEN the contestants are allowed to talk or approach the lead. That said, I believe Courtney didn’t fit in well in that environment on a TV show and chose to remain in the background.

Lmfao at the Nancy Kerrigan analogy from SGIA….hilarious! Interesting how pageant gals kind of know who will place where.

Thank u for recapping and podcasting this sad season Lincee. I appreciate all your hard work. I dislike Colton TV so bad. I watch it on an app after episode airs if I feel like it and only cuz of your recaps. I want a more mature lead. I feel like I am getting old when I can be the parent of the lead and/or the contestants. It feels immature this season and it is a turn off.

What is great though is you and you doing what you (* and SGIA for podcast with you) do best. Great writing as always Lincee and podcasts. Love your Texas accents (coming from this Canadian.)

YES I am bored SGIA btw.

Love u guys,


PS. Soooo happy u mentioned about OHCH he has a gf. I was about to text u 2 days ago about it. I felt so sad. Why did I think he would end up in your arms girl. It’s the romantic in me Lincee, plus I had HOPE that u just never know what could happen! (*Lauren Zima – his gf “Rose’s & Rose on You Tube)…was trying to google her age since I found out)…it’s official. She acknowledged it yesterday on her roses & rose) 🙁

Wendy McDonald
Wendy McDonald

Lol. Not text u. …Email u. (*no edit button.)