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Hooray! You made it to the weekend almost! Give yourself a round of applause! To help you make it to quittin’ time, I’ve compiled a few links that celebrate the Tony Awards, vacations, and the release of Beauty and the Beast. Enjoy!

Keven Spacey is emceeing the Tony Awards this year. Although I doubt he can trump this moment, I’m still going to tune in to see (fingers crossed) Bette Midler win for Hello Dolly! Also, has anyone seen Dear Evan Hansen?

Speaking of award shows, I totally missed the MTV Movie Awards because I’m not a youngster anymore and had no idea they were on. Truth be told, I’m not much into the MTV music scene nowadays, but I do like to see what all the millennials are wearing on the red carpet. The answer? Well, it’s either “not much” or questionable. See for yourself.

The Bachelor in Paradise cast was announced. Corinne will be joining Jorge the Bartender on the island. Did we ever doubt it?

Looking for the best place to travel in Europe that’s beside a body of water? Look no further! (Spoiler: Galveston, Texas is NOT on this list.)

Please tell me you’ve heard of Tiny Mouse Shops.

The Beauty and the Beast DVD has bonus features. Lots of them.

Things are getting creepy over on The Originals. Here’s my EW review for those of you who love teeny bopper shows on the CW.

I’d also like to thank my subscribers for being the coolest people ever. I sent out a survey of sorts to them, asking what they liked and what I could do better on the site. They had some incredible ideas! Get ready for some fun stuff coming your way on iHateGreenBeans in the future!

(If you’d like to subscribe, click here! I’ll be doing some extra stuff over there and would love for you to join!)

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3 years ago

Hey, hope you are well! Do you still watch Shadowhunters? I know you have read the books. They just introduced Sebastian on the show and I have thoughts.

3 years ago

Coincidentally, all of Bachelorette Rachel’s “best friends” are going to Paradise…

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