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IHGB Podcast #91: Bachelor Colton Episode 5 Recap

There is so much going on over here! I can hardly contain myself! The first thing you need to know is that I’m doing a big giveaway for my book’s one year birthday. We have free tickets to see Warner Bros new movie Isn’t It Romantic for ten lucky winners. We also have five grand prize winners that will receive free movie tickets and a LOVE sweatshirt from the fabulous

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

Well here we are. It’s week five of Bachelor Colton’s journey and he’s right on track for a nervous breakdown. He’s frustrated with all of the crazy drama that surprisingly has nothing to do with a pageant feud and devastated that there are some women in his potential wife roster who may not be there for the right reasons, right reasons. What’s a guy to do? How should he handle

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IHGB Podcast #89: Bachelor Colton Episode 3 Recap

Happy Wednesday y’all! In this episode, Some Guy in Austin and I power through our befumblement, as we try to figure out the following: Pageantgate is a real thing. Who’s telling the truth? Miss Alabama or Miss One of the Carolinas? Is Tenille Arts a band or a person? Who would want to put on a blindfold after watching Bird Box? Is Demi a brilliant mastermind? Or future inmate? Or

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