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Bachelor Peter Recap: I Didn’t Expect That

Get ready to fiesta because we are in Chile! It appears the producers are going to tour Latin countries so Pete can continue to impress the ladies with his Spanish II knowledge of the language. Our cast of lovers and sort of likers and the one girl who is “meh” about the situation (¿como se dice “Kelley” in español?) are forced to sit at an outside cafe on the bustling

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IHGB Podcast #152: Burn It Down

Well, it’s week 5 of Peter the Pilot’s journey to find love and it is the length of the Super Bowl. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss the now infamous Cosmo date with Victoria F., Kelsey’s emotional health, and whether or not Peter contracted some sort of jungle disease in his head wound when he made out with Sydney under a waterfall. I’ve watched enough Grey’s Anatomy to know that

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Bachelor Peter Recap: Pop That Cork

Twelve: Number of women who shed at least one tear. Six: Number of denim panties parading down a catwalk.Two: Number of champagne setups at a cocktail partyInfinity: Number of times I got lost in Our Host Christ Harrison’s eyes Welcome to season 24 and a Bachelor Peter Recap! SIMPLE DISCLAIMER The following information you are about to read is of personal opinion. However, if you or someone you follow on

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

Well here we are. It’s week five of Bachelor Colton’s journey and he’s right on track for a nervous breakdown. He’s frustrated with all of the crazy drama that surprisingly has nothing to do with a pageant feud and devastated that there are some women in his potential wife roster who may not be there for the right reasons, right reasons. What’s a guy to do? How should he handle

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