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Bachelorette Clare Recap: I Love That

Bachelorette Clare Recap: Episode 1 It’s been seven months, dear readers, since we were last metaphorically gathered together around our televisions, watching the hot mess unfold as Peter the Pilot’s mother Barb begged him through snotty tears not to let “her” go. Most of us rolled our eyes and scoffed at the ridiculous nonsense ABC served up on a silver platter.  Little did we know that Barb and her dramatic

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Bachelorette Hannah Finale Recap Part 2: Hannah Gets Clarity

Hannah found a man. Hooray! Then she dumped him for lying to everyone. Hooray again! Then she landed a date with her runner-up. So weird! I’ll admit that when Hannah told Bachelor Nation “I don’t even know how this will end,” I was intrigued. I was also extremely irritated that her vague tease caused me to watch part two of the finale with a cautious heart. I never really invested

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Fantasy Suites

As the episode wrapped with Bachelorette Hannah flipping off the rejection SUV that carried Luke into the onset of a tropical storm, I took a moment to marvel at the two-hour spectacular which will forever be known in Bachelor Nation as “the windmill episode.”  Never have I gasped at the television so ardently or wavered in my ability to pick a lane as to which suitor I think will win

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Bachelorette Becca finale recap: Meet Becca’s Fiancé

Bachelorette Becca Finale I hear the Maldives is the perfect place to fall in love. It’s also the perfect place to participate in sunset yoga, bike in heels, and sweat, but that’s neither here nor there. Becca has finally landed herself a man and even though he’s not the one she imagined standing with at the end of this journey, he is ready to do the damn thing. MEET THE

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Bachelorette Becca recap: Men Tell All through tears

Bachelorette Becca, Men Tell All Our favorite men are back to tell it all. And by “tell it all” I mean cry about it all while wearing brightly patterned jackets and pedal pushers. When Our Host Chris Harrison takes the stage, it’s clear that his good taste has gone unnoticed before this crop of bachelors vying to find love or fifteen minutes of Instagram fame. Harrison is poised, sovereign, and

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