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Dancing with the Stars Season 27 Finale Recap

Well, here we are. Some of you are still in shock that Bobby Bones managed to win season 27 of Dancing with the Stars. These are the same folks who are still mad that Juan Pablo was kicked off two weeks ago. But reality has it home and the rumors are true: Dancing with the Stars has officially crossed over to a full-blown popularity vote. In twenty-seven seasons, there have

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Dancing with the Stars Recap: Season 27 Semi-Finals

I don’t know what to say. An entire ballroom of Dancing with the Stars fans threatened to rush the stage when Juan Pablo and Cheryl were eliminated during the semi-final round of Season 27. People shouted their disgust, straining to make sure ABC knew they were upset. Juan Pablo is one of, if not THE best dancer in the competition. And he ends up taking a gracious good-bye bow after

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Dancing with the Stars recap: Country Night

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Country Night There’s a small part of me that wants to simply write, “Grocery Store Joe is in the semi-finals” and be done with it. What is happening on Dancing with the Stars this season? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has asked this question. So I answered it over on InStyle’s website. Tell me if you think my threefold theory is on

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Dancing with the Stars Recap: Trio Night

To quote crusty Len Goodman’s favorite line, “There was no messing about.” The kicked off pros from season 27 and the JV team only have thirty seconds to strut their stuff instead of a big elaborate opening dance number. You see, it’s trio night and producers need those precious minutes to explain who these extra folks are and how they fold into the lives of those left on the dance

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Dancing with the Stars Recap: Most Memorable Year

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Most Memorable Year Season 27, Week 3 Most Memorable Year is the episode where Dancing with the Stars producers have one agenda: Get Carrie Ann to cry. Multiple times, if possible. I’ll admit that I’ve cracked under the pressure in previous episodes, but I held it together during the season 27 sad stories. Except, of course, when DeMarcus starting crying. I’ll cry along with man

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