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Thanksgiving: Part 1

I’m not really sure what Peppermint Patty is complaining about. I will always be thankful for carbs and jellybeans.

Thanksgiving memories 2009

The food was excellent.  The football games were exciting for the most part.  Spending time with my crazy family is always…interesting. Especially my 93-year-old grandmother.  Me:  “Hi Mimi!  You look so pretty in purple!” Mimi:  “Thank you honey.  You look good too.  Have you lost weight?” Me:  “I have!  Thanks for noticing!” Mimi:  “I thought so.  You looked a little porky at the re-enactment a few months ago.” Needless to

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Over the river and through the woods

Well…I’m not technically going to “grandmother’s” house, but I am heading home for Thanksgiving. Joy! A time of food, football and fighting the crowds at the movie theater. What better way to spend the holiday I ask you? FOOD: Inevitably, my 92-year-old Mimi will bake about nine pies. My Daddy will poke fun at my Mama all day long about how more people are eating his fried turkey than the

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