Thank you notes from the last 48 hours

When Jimmy Fallon introduced “Thank You Notes” a few years ago, I was totally on board with the bit. Then I read Jen Hatmaker’s book For the Love and she dedicated three entire sections to her readers’ own thank you notes. I guess the concept has been on my mind because in the last 48 hours, there were moments when I giggled to myself as I conjured up my own thank you notes traveling from Houston to Virginia Beach for a speaking engagement.

So thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for providing the Thank You Notes inspiration for a post as I sit in the Baltimore airport eating a turkey sandwich from Potbelly at 7:12 in the morning. These are for you!

Thank you Hot Guy for flirting with me after we boarded the plane in Houston. You were so charming. I loved all your compliments, come hither glances, encouraging grins and how you laughed when I offered you gum because you thought I thought you had stinky coffee breath. I really needed that boost in the old social life. Also, thank you for mentioning 30 minutes into our sparkling conversation that you don’t wear your wedding ring because you are in the oil and gas industry. I always try to find ways to keep my mouth from gaping open like a moron when brand new information is discovered.

Happy upcoming wedding anniversary, Wearing Headphones So I Don’t Have To Listen To You

Thank you Airports With No WIFI for trying to force me to purchase a Boingo Hotspot subscription. Since I feel like paying this charge is the same as valet parking, I decided to take advantage of your 30-minute free trial. I’ve always wanted to write my Bachelor recap in 20-minute increments. I’m so glad Boingo is available in the Houston, Chicago and Norfolk, Virginia airports. And it’s nice to “unplug” when traveling. Who needs email, social media or text messaging when you have the constant entertainment of random airport folk to watch? It was nice living in 2002 again for a little while.

Sincerely, Lover of Skymall

Thank you Virginia Beach for being such a darling city. You and your people are the salt of the earth. I plan on coming back when it’s not 40-degrees.

See you Spring Break, Forgot To Pack A Coat.

Thank you 10-Piece Chicken McNuggets for tasting so good when one is so hungry. I’m sorry I ate you in my rental car, but I couldn’t resist.

Your friend, I’m Always Lovin’ It

Thank you Hotel Elevator for not working. You knew I needed to schlep my heavy luggage and backpack up seven flights of stairs because of that aforementioned McNugget incident earlier in the day. I applaud you for taking my health into consideration.

Yours truly, Out of Shape White Girl

Thank you Changing Seasons Team for being so accommodating in every way possible. I was blown away by your organization and the women will always hold a special place in my heart. I applaud anyone who can combine red rose petals, candles and green beans in a centerpiece that celebrates pop culture, hope and humor. Well done, my friends. Well done. I had a blast and consider you my people.

LYLAS, Your Biggest Fan

Thank you Spanx for keeping everything tight and lifted in my dress. You complete me.

Forever yours, Lincee

Thank you Women in My Tribe for lifting me up in prayer all day long. I couldn’t have done this without you. God is good. Thank you for allowing me to bombard you with questions, concerns and jokes that I think are funny, but you have the guts to tell me they aren’t.

I love you, ME

Thank you Valentine’s Day Candy for not judging me when I eat you for breakfast at 4:00 in the morning. Nothing starts your day off better than a hot shower, a nice cold Dr Pepper and sea salt caramel chocolates.

Keep doing what you do, Feeling Pukey

Thank you Stretchy Pants for giving me the freedom to feel like I’m wearing pajamas on the airplane. I know I’m not fooling anyone, but there’s no way I was going to wear my Target jeans after my wholesome breakfast. You’ve always been there for me and I’ll never forget you.

Stay cool, Bloated But Happy


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Lincee, you crack me up as always. I so wish I could have been in VB to hear your speech. I’m sure it was hilarious. You’re the only person I can think of who uses “Friends” references as much as I do – and most people don’t get them!


YES! I haven never seen Jimmy Fallon’s, but I’m almost done with “For the Love” and these chapters are so priceless!!!


Thank you, Lincee for giving me sunshine & giggles every week. I too am a stretchy pants wearin’ traveler. Comfort – the only way to fly.

amy a
amy a

Great post! Most times I find only one or two of J.F.’s notes actually funny, but each of yours were great! I’ve never understood people who wear jeans while flying, altitude does things.

Laura Jean

Keeping it real, and we readers are always grateful. 🙂

This is a good idea. I think I will write one later today after I conquer this afternoon and evening.


Love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You bit. Love yours, too, girl. Carry on.


Love these!

Lori Case
Lori Case

So great! Are you writing a book yet? jw, Lori (Lincee fan from way way back)