My thoughts on the 2018 Oscars

It definitely wasn’t as exciting as last year’s show. Although, I’m not sure if anything will ever beat Ryan Gosling’s face when it was announced that LaLa Land did NOT win for Best Picture in 2017. But we did have some decent moments during the 2018 Oscars that kept me from fast forwarding through the entire four-hour long ordeal.

Host Jimmy Kimmel encouraging Academy Award winners to “stay in your seat when you hear your name and give us a few minutes” was a solid opener. He gave well-deserved shout-outs to Black Panter, Wonder Woman, and even solicited a few celebrities to high tail it across the street to surprise a theater full of folks watching a sneak peek of A Wrinkle in Time. There’s nothing like the jolt of Gal Gadot and Luke Skywalker tossing hot togs and gummy bears in your face to really appreciate living in Hollywood.

Celebrities: They’re just like us!

Other than everyone’s inability to walk normally on stage and the plethora of velvet tuxedoes worn by almost every male in the audience, the ceremony was pretty much uneventful, except for a few shining moments. I’ve highlighted them for you in the photo gallery below. Make sure to hover over the photo to read the caption. Enjoy!


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Just wanted to give you a little feedback about the new format…love the idea! And from what I could read, the captions were very funny. However, when viewing this recap on your phone, the captions get cut off, so I couldn’t read most of them in their entirety. Just thought I’d let you know! I will go back and read on a computer tomorrow 🙂


Eva Marie Saint…I’m a North By Northwest Superfan

You SHOULD see Ladybird

Sydney and Vaughn Forever!

Helen Mirren is GORGEOUS

Emily Blunt can do SO MUCH better

LOVED This is Me….sad it didn’t snag Best Song, but get the Disney win

I understand this year’s theme, but was not a fan of the change to all women announcing the Big Two (Actor and Actress). I’m a traditionalist and like when the previous year’s winners do the honors.

I was VERY happy with Best Actor and Best Actress. I really wanted Three Billboards to win Best Picture.

Overall, it was alright, but I think Jimmy did a better job last year.


Casey Affleck wasn’t welcome!


You have to see Lady Bird!

Macedonian Hussy
Macedonian Hussy

Lincee, your comments are as stellar as them stars…I echo the nomination for team Tiffany to hose the 91st.